Let’s do a deep dive into Outriders – a co-op, action RPG / shooter published by Square Enix. It releases on February 2nd 2021 on just about every major platform. Even more impressive, you will be able to play with anyone on any of those platforms because the game will have full cross-play support.

One important thing to note is that Outriders is not a live service game. A lot people are comparing it to games like Destiny (a live service game). Outriders therefore will not have micro-transactions – the game is a complete package. If the developers like the reception, they will continue building on the game with future expansions.

Character Customization

Character customization is limited – as there only a few options to choose from. Nothing too much, but enough to give a little variation. If you ever want to change your characters look, you can do that at anytime. Once you have designed your character, you will be given one of four classes to choose from.

Devastator – a beefy, tank like class that focuses heavily on melee attacks, bleeds, with a cool ability to manipulate the earth. If you pick this class, you’ll be able to do cool things like coat your body in rock-armour, stop bullets in mid-air with a shield, and impale enemies on spikes. Brutal.

Technomancer – Is a well-rounded support that focuses on summons, decay damage, crowd control, and long range attacks. You will also be able to materialize weapons from mid-air – a cool trick! You can summon missile launches, gatling guns, and turrets. Did we mention that he is also the only healer in the game?

Trickster – The trickster is a light-weight, agile class that focuses on teleports, melee attacks, and anomaly damage. Teleport across the battlefield, place traps, use your melee attacks, and make your enemies explode. It is a fun class, no doubt.

Pyromancer – A class that focuses on mid-range attacks, igniting enemies, and knock-backs. Life-drain enemies, place thermal bombs to destroy groups, and launch a massive fire-beam that burns anything it touches. How cool right?


Each class comes with 8 skills to choose from. They unlock as you level. You can choose up to three of these at one time to suit your play-style. The skills are pretty balanced on each class, with damage, defence, and utility being the three main skills.

Also, try not to put all your skills in the offence / damage side of things, as you can’t just blast your way through everything. Having some defence and / or utility is important, and effective.

Story and Quests

With respect to story, looter shooters are generally not at the top of the list for story and storylines, so to speak. This game, unlike most in this genre, seems to have a decent story. It is not just a bunch of unrelated things cobbled together to keep you interested until the end game.

You may even find yourself flipping through the Codex to learn more about the creatures / story and the game as a whole.

Essentially, humanity has fled earth for some unknown reason(s) and has landed on Enoch – a planet with carnivorous beasts. There are multiple zones and they vary in size, setting, and are not linear. Paths leading off to other side areas to explore are a thing. Main quests and side quests galore – awesome!

Bounties and Hunts

You can pick these up from wanted posters or you can pick them up from NPC’s in town. They are also retroactive, so if you finish a bounty in the wild, you can still turn them in. Hunts are especially cool, as they generally revolve around killing legendary monsters on Enoch to bring their head back as a trophy and a reward.


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