Genshin Impact has just received its Stand By Me update, which has brought with it an opportunity that unlocks a 4-Star character for free!

So obviously, everyone is excited for this but they are also VERY confused on which character to unlock. In order to clear up the confusion created by this choice, we decided to make the choices a lot easier for everyone. Giving a summary of each character, and suggesting which ones to get first. So, let’s get into it!


Beidou - F2P

Beidou is the OBVIOUS first choice here. She’s a 4-Star Electro Main DPS AND Support character. This is the coolest thing about her, she can be played as both a Solo Main DPS and a Support character that provides a ton of shielding and protection. She’s not the best at being a Support character, but she has some of the highest Damage in the game.

She also has the coolest Elemental Skill in the game, its essentially a counter attack which is hard to get the hang of but deals a MASSIVE amount of damage. We should note, that it does deal really bad damage when you miss the timing. But overall, Beidou is one of the best characters you could pick from this list!


chongyun f2p

Chongyun is our second pick, on release he was really underwhelming but thanks to the Dragonspine Update he is now GREAT. He has a huge area damage radius, meaning he is absolutely perfect for crowd control situations. You could use him very comfortably as your damage support.

What makes his crowd controlling so good in comparison to other characters is the fact that his cool down is very fast. A fast cool down means he can spam his elemental abilities without a care in the world. Not to mention he’s the one of the only two free male characters that you can get so he’s a bit of a unique one here.


ning guang f2p

Ning Guang does a MASSIVE amount of damage to her enemies. And as it just so happens, she and her Geo Element colleagues have received a giant change recently, making them more than viable in the current game. The new changes make her shields MUCH more durable, and now her shields have a 15% more chance of lasting for a longer time period. She was already the best Geo Element character with the highest amount of Damage, she has now turned into a monster that can destroy anything in her path.


Xingqiu f2p

Xingqiu the bookworm can fit into any team composition in the game. He can make any character into an insanely crazy damage dealer, despite what their role is. Thanks to how his Reign Swords are active despite him not being on the field, he can provide support while being in the back and letting the Main DPS take over. Giving him a boost in energy recharges up to 180%, he will be the best Support DPS that you can find in the game!


Xinyan brings her musical abilities towards the battlefield, turning the world around her into a stage that she absolutely sets on fire. She has a mix of Physical and Pyro damage, she can take care of annoying Cryo Shields and also provide TONS of physical damage. She happens to be one of those shield characters that provide you with extra survivability, what’s even better is that she is a claymore user so she can break through those rock shields while also being extremely versatile overall!


Xiangling is an odd choice for MiHoYo to give us when looking at free characters. It is important to know that you can get her for free, just by finishing the third floor of the abyss, so this was a bit discouraging when she came up as a choice. Though, Xiangling is one of the best characters in the game simply because of her personality alone!

She excels greatly as a Support DPS, two of her constellations and her skill in burst, she can set fire to anything in her way and help any of her Pyro team mates become fire spewing gods. So while you can get her for free anyways, she’s still a solid pick either way!


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