Dragons Bane VS Deathmatch For Hu Tao – Genshin Impact

Dragon’s Bane on Hu Tao

In this Genshin Impact guide, we’ll be testing Dragon’s Bane on Hu Tao to see how good it really is. We compare it against Deathmatch, the best four star weapon for her.


In this demonstration, we use 2 piece witch (Crimson Witch of Flames). Also, standard HP, High roll, and crit damage.

In regards to Dragon’s Bane, it has pretty much the same base attack damage as Deathmatch, but base attack is not a major factor for Hu Tao. Dragon’s Bane has much higher multipliers compared to the Deathmatch.

Dragon’s Bane Vs. Deathmatch Comparison

Dragon’s Bane did come out ahead, despite it being very hard to quantify crit rate. However, Deathmatch came out ahead when considering it is possible to miss a few crits here and there.

Dragon’s Bane does get much better when you factor in refinements.


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