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New World PvP & PvE ADVANCED Mobility and Combat Techniques

00:00 Intro

00:38 Basic Mobility Animation Cancelling 

1:05 Dodge Sheathing

1:38 Dodge Switching

2:31 Dodge Ability

2:52 Advanced Mobility Animation Cancelling 

3:04 Triple Dodge Switch

3:29 Triple Dodge Switch-Ability

4:11 Combat Animation Cancelling 

6:51 Mobility +  Combat Techniques

Become a better New World player! The New World calls for new techniques and this guide will teach you those which are applicable in New World PVP. Specifically, mobility animation canceling, combat animation canceling, and pairing the two together for complex techniques.

00:38 Basic Mobility Animation Cancelling 

First mobility technique tip is to get rid of the stick-in-the-ground recovery animation from dodging. When your character dodges, there will be a point at the end of the dodge where they stick in the ground and there is a recovery animation before your character can sprint forward. 

There are three techniques to eliminate the dodge recovery animations and these will help you move around a bit faster depending on the situation. 

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1:05Dodge Sheathing – Dodge with your character forward. Before your character hits the recovery animation, hit “X” and sheath your weapon. This will prevent your character from moving into the recovery animation. By doing this, you will be able to smoothly transition from dodge into sprint. Use this technique if you want to eliminate the dodge recovery animation without switching your weapon.

1:38Dodge Switching – You first need to go to your settings, then the keybinds menu and look for “swap active weapons”. Keybind this setting to a key that you can use quickly in the heat of combat. This will allow you to quickly swap your weapons. Just press the key and it swaps to your other chosen weapon. To perform this technique, your character must dodge forward, and before they hit the recovery animation, hit the keybind and your player will switch their weapon, eliminating the recovery animation. 

2:31 Dodge Ability – Dodge forward with your character and before they hit that recovery animation, you must use an ability on a weapon that will cause your character to move forward (ex: Great Axe charge). Will definitely make you travel a lot more distance.

2:52 Advanced Mobility Animation Cancelling (how to min-max the techniques mentioned above)

3:04 Triple Dodge Switch – Dodge forward with your character, before hitting the recovery animation switch your weapon using the key that you bound. Wait half a second until you get one or more stamina, then dodge forward, switch your weapon, dodge forward and switch your weapon for a triple dodge. 

3:29 Triple Dodge Switch-Ability – Use the triple dodge technique, however, you must use an ability at the end like a Great Axe charge to get a lot of distance. To be able to do this technique correctly, start with the weapon which does not propel you forward as your secondary weapon. This is because after three charges and switches, you’ll need to switch to the weapon that has an ability that propels you forward (like the Great Axe Charge). 

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4:11 Combat Animation Cancelling 

Between light attacks with your weapon, there is a lot of recovery time wasted. Your opponent in PVP, or a boss in PVE, will take advantage of your recovery time to kill you. Abilities must be used to cancel the recovery animations on the light attacks and compress damage instances together. This will work to increase your overall DPS and help you play effectively in both PVE and PVP.  

The Great Axe Charge is a good ability to be used even if a lot of players think that the Charge can only be used at distance. The Charge can be canceled right away to basically perform a second light attack very quickly and compresses two damage instances (light attack and Charge), thus creating massive burst damage. 

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6:51 Mobility + Combat Techniques 

Use sheath technique if you know you want to use the weapon you are currently equipped with after animation canceling the dodge. Use the switch/swap technique when you know that you’re going to use the opposite weapon after the dodge animation canceling. 

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