Curse Of The Dead Gods – Review

Curse Of The Dead Gods graphically is beautiful, with unique enemies and fluid animations. Each of the 3 sections have their own different and unique enemies with none of the enemies duplicated across the areas. They do seem to be limited in sections though, with only 6 to a possible 8 variants for each. That said, between the separation of monsters, the level designs are also unique, with all of them having their own statues, traps, and designs.

Some elements are re-used between levels, but surprisingly it is small, and a lot of objects scattered around are their own unique assets for each.


The labyrinths are separated, like I said, by 3 different styles. The Jaguar that revolves around flames, with many of the monsters in the labyrinth being “up front” hitters. They have few ranged attacks but the few they do have, are quick and hard hitting.

The Eagle labyrinth revolves around lightning and storms, with archers and harpies being the main group of enemies. There are also a few other enemies that will use long sweeping attacks to inflect damage.

Last, but not least, is the serpent. This labyrinth is the poison labyrinth, with medusa style monsters with spears and “plaguebringers”. These monsters are heavily magic focused and summon vermin’s that are small poison bugs that explode upon death. I love the separation of the labyrinths and each feel very unique from one another.

You also have events that will be open for you to attempt once, with new ones releasing every day. Each event has stimulations like Stonger when in the dark, lose all sense of direction and more. Rewarding you with skulls and treasures to help you unlock weapons and perks to help you reach the top.

Curse of the dead gods review

Items and Perks

The skulls and jade rings you acquire through your runs can be used in the underworld for perks. This includes Blessings, small perks to assist you, giving you more damage to enemies when hit by a trap for example.
Another example is greed kills restoring 1 more stamina and so on.

Forsaken Weaponry that upon unlocking can now be found throughout the labyrinths, each having a nice perk like lightning or the final swing on your attack won’t use stamina. Then there are the weapon alters you can upgrade that are located in the underworld to pick up stronger weapons before leaving.

Upgrading their alters will give you a greater chance of acquiring high grade weapons when you die and return to the underworld. And lastly divine favours which you unlock and give you the ability to switch choices at one of the sacrifice statues to hopefully find the item you are looking for.

With all that said, none of the upgrades per se really do much to the overall game play to be honest. The blessings seem shallow and really don’t bring too much of a punch to the game. Weapons and weapon alters do hold some value but you truly don’t get fantastic things very often and will make many run throughs before you see something you truly like. The upgrades to me feel more gimmicky than necessary.

curse of the dead gods review

Gameplay And Mechanics

The gameplay is good, and the fighting mechanics feel weighty and responsive. I have been caught up on enemies while trying to escape explosions, which can be annoying when in tight situations but it never seemed to be prevalent.

The curses that are in the game can be very annoying, each door you enter, even when you first enter the labyrinth in the underworld, will sting you with 20 points. Once you Get to 100 points you receive a curse. Some curses can be beneficial like enemies exploding upon death when on fire, or traps go off when you are near them. Then there are the negatives like slowly losing health till 1 hp left, or slowly gaining curse points. I understand the curses and they tend to push you to a sense of urgency.

Curse points can also be racked up quite quickly, from some enemies giving you curse points if they hit you, the blood sacrifices to get items, and healing costing curse points – it can easily be maxed to level 5 fairly quickly. The curses are more profound and more useful than the blessings, so you might finding yourself trying to be cursed to play the RNG to get one you like.

The labyrinths by themselves are not too lengthy in the beginning, taking about 10 to 15 minutes. On the second stack I was honestly getting bored, running through the same bosses with a lack of any story. I don’t really know why, or how, to keep staying motivated to get to the top. Repeating this over and over again gives me no satisfaction.

Overall, it is a fun game – don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t have anything that drives me to return to the game or keep me playing the game. If I had to give a score to the game it would be a 6, 6.5 out of 10. It is fun but it is just missing that “drive factor” to keep me coming back.

If you are looking for a game like Hades this is not what you’re looking for. With no real story to drive you it can become boring after a few hours. If you like games like this then you will enjoy it. But if you are looking for the Hades feel you will be disappointed.


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