Friday Night Funkin’ – Shaggy x Matt – Mod

Shaggy Vs Matt

Do you know what happens when you combine the most powerful entity in the world with the hardest boss in Friday Night Funkin’? This mod is what happens. Shaggy vs Matt!

The first thing you’ll notice is that Shaggy’s wearing a red shirt vs. his standard green one. What’s up with that? I think it’s because Shaggy’s now a trainer and Matt has come to seek training from him in this mod.

The first rap battle is a warm-up for Matt as he takes on Shaggy. Then, Matt gets to do battle with boyfriend and it’s one of the hardest mods of all time.

So, get ready to rumble!


  • Power Link
  • Revenge
  • Final Destination


Download Shaggy x Matt Full Week here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

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