Fastest New World Leveling and New World MMO Leveling Guide!

Leveling is one of the most essential things when it comes to MMO games. But on the other hand it’s also the hardest thing part of every game. Most games will limit you on what you can do and explore until you reach a certain level, and even weapons and other skills need a specific level for you to use them. So in this guide we will teach you on how to gain experience in a more efficient way and level up!

0:12 Initial Tip

So when you load up the game you will see at the top right corner it says, “Rested XP Bonus”. That is an indicator that you stayed in a settlement and rested. 

So make sure that when you leave the game, stay in a settlement so you can have your rested XP bar full when you start the game. 

1:19Additional Tip

Another tip that we have for you to level up faster is in the Syndicate Faction board wherein you look if there are PVE Missions and these missions vary depending on the area you’re in. On top left of that board you can see the “Daily Bonuses Available 3/3”, meaning you get extra XP in doing these missions. 

And of course it restarts daily so make sure you do all these 3 missions. Also the XP that you get in these missions scales if you are in higher zones.

2:33Tip # 1

So our first tip is for those players who want to level up your weapon and are focused on weapon mastery. The easy way to gain XP for your weapon is through PVP. 

This is kind of a mutual thing, because if you want to dominate in PVP, weapon mastery is one of the essential things. So make sure that you do PVP once in a while to earn more XP for your weapons.

3:56Tip # 2  

So for the next tip it’ll help you level up the fastest in an easy way through Town Projects. If you visit these Town Projects missions, some of these are pretty easy such as hunt wolves, acquire and deliver health potions, and even cook and deliver dairy supplies in certain places. 

It can have various amounts of XP that you can gain, but what makes it more efficient in gaining XP is that, when you go to your map and visit your Territory Standings, each place has its own level of territory standing. The higher your Territory Standing, the higher percentage of extra XP that you will get. 

So make sure to check these Town Projects to gain fast and easy XP. 

6:46Tip # 3

Another tip to level up faster is to continue and do your main quests. Since these are main quests they can give you a more decent amount of XP in completing them. Additionally you can also do side quests as well along with your main quests so you can be more efficient in gaining XP. 

7:39Tip # 4

Next tip is Crafting can gain additional XP as well. So if you have extra loot or materials that you won’t probably use in other quests you can craft them and gain additional XP. 


So all in all, you have a lot of opportunities to gain extra XP. Starting with your 3 Daily Bonuses with your faction missions, do your main quests along with that do some side quests as well, then you can visit the Town Projects to see available missions. If you are focused on weapon mastery, PVP is your best way to level up your weapons. Then don’t forget to always find a settlement and take a rest if you are about to leave the game so you can have a Rested XP Bonus when you continue with your game.

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