Home Behind 2 – Review

Home Behind 2 is a strategy roguelike RPG. It wants to be the next Darkest Dungeon but fails to deliver where it counts.

You start your adventure with a woman. You can choose her class, basic stats, and a special attribute. Later in the game, you can unlock a male character and more classes.

Your revolutionary group of fighters wants to overthrow the brutal authoritarian regime of Scaria, a country where civil war takes place. On your way to new missions, you need to explore the desert (mostly).

Home Behind 2

Tooltips explain the most basic mechanics. It’s pretty simple to learn. Your crew moves automatically when clicking on “explore” and stops when clicking on the button again. On your way to can click on objects to collect resources like fuel, stone, batteries, and much more. You can also go into buildings, explore them in different ways (sneaking in, with explosives, or just brutally storming the building). Most buildings are a good way to collect a lot of resources, so don’t leave them out!

Events and happenings will force you to make decisions. It’s important how to approach a situation as every encounter can end in a fight of life and death. But there are also events without an encounter like finding something or repairing something. In most cases stats of your characters are important. It’s like in a Dungeon and Dragons adventure. The game will show you what chances you have to pass the test (like 84% to repair something, etc.). This is based on various things like how difficult the task is and which level the associated stat has.

After exploration, your crew sits down in your camp. You have several buildings there, like a command center (sending out fighters on missions), an infirmary (craft medical items), a warehouse, your truck, and a satellite phone. Every one of them can be upgraded with resources. Your command center is the main building and its level determines how much you can upgrade the other ones. This is the most strategic the game gets.

Home Behind 2 Game Review

While the store page of Home Behind 2 tells you about the “strategic real-time combat system”, it’s really just an auto-battler. Yeah, you can pause the battle at any time theoretically but practically, you won’t. A few seconds and the battle is over. You don’t feel like you can change much aside from healing your fighters and equipping weapons and armor before the battle starts. There is nothing strategic about that. All you do is click fight and wait a few seconds before clicking on explore again.

This is the sole reason why I can’t recommend the game. It mostly feels like an idler because you mostly mindlessly click on the screen. There is not much strategy involved in that.

The story is well thought out as far as I can tell and reminds me of a visual novel because there is so much text but since they wanted to create a strategy game, they failed to deliver.

Home Behind 2 is graphically appealing, the music is diversified (while some tracks just don’t fit into the setting) and the sound effects create the right mood for this kind of setting. But all of this can’t help if you want to play a strategy game and not an auto-battler (although even they can be strategic!).

It’s still in early access and I hope they will completely overhaul the battle system. At the moment I can’t recommend Home Behind 2 for €12.49 / $13.49 USD.

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