The Riftbreaker – Weapons Trailer | PS5

EXOR Studios just launched a new weapons trailer for The Riftbreaker. The game is expected to launch this Autumn for PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and PC. The Riftbreaker will revolve around building up your base to defend yourself and try to survive from countless enemies. You will also play as the role of captain Ashley S. Nowak, an elite scientist that’s inside a Mecha-Suit, that will be capable of traveling into dimensional rifts to collect samples and research inventions that will be used against enemies.

Ashley’s Mecha-Suit will be called Mr. Riggs, allowing them to resist harsh environments, help build the base and its defenses, extract and collect resources and gather specimens for experiments. Some of the weapons shown on the trailer are Gravity Grenade that easily took out a large number of enemies. A Mini Nuke Launcher that can help you destroy things that obstruct your pathways.

A Geo Scanner, that allowed Mr. Riggs to detect some treasure underground. A Cloaking device that allows you to slip away from enemies undetected. Even a Weapon mod, that allows your bullets to bounce, killing large numbers of enemies in a more efficient way. A classic Flame Thrower, that will definitely burn enemies. We also saw Mr. Riggs uses some kind of instant teleportation going back to base to defend it. Some Land Mines were seen as well, different tower defenses that will help protect the base from the swarm of enemies. 

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