Valheim – Sea Serpent | Kraken – Guide

In order to properly take on the Sea Serpent / Kraken in Valheim – you need to do some prep work before the encounter.

The Kraken has been written about for centuries, maybe even Millennia, and well, they show up as you’d expect.

You will find the Kraken’s randomly in the ocean. Don’t be deceived, as they look like little islands or archipelagos to the naked eye. Well, they are not islands. Once you jump on it’s head – you will see Abyssal Barnacles. Snag some of that and it will give “chitin” which you can use to get a nice new knife known as the Abyssal Razor.

This is one of the highest base dmg knives in the game and it makes for a nice tip on a harpoon. An abyssal harpoon.

When the Kraken begins shaking (when you are mining the barnacles) – that is your queue to get out of dodge. Once you’ve got a ship and a harpoon – it is time slay the Kraken.

When sailing the blue ocean searching for the big serpent – stay close to shore. You may have to take a quick dash to the shore. While the Kraken is chasing you, simply throw the harpoon at the serpent. Once the harpoon has hooked the beast, you will now want to turn your ship towards the land.

The player that set the harpoon will want to jump on the land and pull it in. Sounds easy right? Once the serpent is on land, it is an easy target, as a kraken on land is about as useful as a lion in the sea…

Make sure you collect the meat and the scales once you’ve defeated it. You can now even craft a Serpent Scale Shield that is damn good. It also looks cool as all hell.


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