Girlfriend in Danger – Friday Night Funkin’

GF in Danger

In this short but amazing video, watch every time girlfriend was in trouble in Friday Night Funkin‘. As you can imagine, there were quite a few instances spread across many different mods. Did JcDragonZ miss any examples of this damsel in distress? Let us know in the comments below!

In the Fueg0 mod, you can clearly see girlfriend hanging on to the ghetto blaster for dear life as she is being sucked into what appears to be a vortex of some sort. In the A.G.O.T.I. mod, she is left hanging (literally) with one hand. Not cool.

In the Tricky mod, she is hog tied with rope and in the V.S. TABI ex-boyfriend mod she has her ghetto blaster blown up (while sitting on it). Makes you wonder what kind of boyfriend he was.

The worst one has to be the Imposter mod though, as girlfriend is literally blasted by a gun and only her red-tinged ghost remains to bop and cheer on her boyfriend.

In the second GF in danger video, things get a little darker. In the Minus Mod – she again takes on a pinkish, reddish tone and she has to hang on for dear life (again). In the vs. Sky mod, well, this has to be most brutal one of all as gf is literally CRUCIFIED. Maybe that’s (partly) why the mod is no longer available to download?

Dr. Springheel is no slouch in the “make her life miserable” department neither. She appears to be in some sort of vat or hyperbaric chamber of some sort. The Lemon Demon, on the other hand, doesn’t do anything “physical” against girlfriend, but he sure does threaten her… “I’m going to eat your girlfriend” and “I’m going to turn her into broth” stand out.

Those are but a few examples of when gf is placed in considerable danger in Friday Night Funkin‘. Let us know if there are any other examples worth looking at in the comments below!



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