Valheim – How To Create A Dedicated Server For Windows Using Steam CMD

Dedicated Server for Valheim

The guys at MMG have taken the time to show you how to create a Valheim dedicated server. Note, this is to host on a machine that you are NOT playing on. An important point no doubt.

For those of you that are new to the game – Valheim is a Viking Survival game. We are going to use STEAM CMD to download the server. Note: You can head over to Google and simply search for “Steam CMD” and it should be the first result.

We are going to use the Windows client, not the Linux one. Once you have Steam cmd on your computer, you will need to extract it. Open that folder and launch it.

You should now be seeing a prompt – type in: login anonymous

Press enter.

This should connect you anonymously to the server.

Now type in app_update 896660

Press enter.

This will download all the files you’ll need. Type exit once this is done.

Now, head back to your Steam CMD folder – and open steamapps / common / this is valheim dedicated server / and then look at opening the .pdf file.

The pdf, Valheim dedicated instruction manual, really goes into depth on what you need to do to run a server. This covers all the steps (in case we missed anything in this guide / video).

Now, you should see the start_headless_server.bat file. Right click on it and edit. When you are editing this file, you need to leave the password in there. It must be at least 5 characters. It also can’t be in the server name. Also, you have to leave it as public 1.

Once this is all done, click file –> save.

Note: You should make a copy of the file, just in case things go screwy in the future (so you can easily restore the default settings).

Run your start_headless_server.bat file. It will open two windows. This could take a while, especially if this is the first time you’ve run this. Also, remember to open the ports on your router and firewall.

How to Open Windows Firewall Ports:…

Ports that Need Open: TCP/UDP 2356 – 2358.

The ports need to stay open or people will not be able to connect to your server.

This should about do it for this topic – leave a comment below if we are missing anything!


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