The Blueballs Incident – Friday Night Funkin’ Mod – Full Week

Ask any male between 14 and 88 and how they feel about “blueballs” and they will probably tell you the same thing – it sucks. Well, in this weeks Friday Night Funkin’ Mod, you get trolled pretty hard and more importantly, you get to experience the aforementioned unpleasant issue… This mod has some pretty sad vibes and music, though it picks up when Trollge pulls out an axe and goes bug-eyed.

Trollge Exposition

“The Trollge containment foundation ask for your help agent BLUEBALLS, a trollge individual has been detected wandering in your world, your threat level is low, but you need to be careful. A special microphone made with anti-troll protein will be sent to the mission” – Dearly, Derpina.


Trollge – “I remember when I woke up, everything seemed so… Foggy”. “What were those voices”? “Those terrible voices that coerced me to troll”? “Al I had in my mind were memories from a distant time”. “A time when I was happy”. “But what happened”? “Why”? “Just why”? “When I woke up I felt sad, sad and lonely”. “Nobody comforted me, I was so alone”. “But there was something I was sure of”. “I needed to find him”. “Oh my dear friend”. “What have I done”

Boyfriend – “Beep“.


Download the The Blueballs Incident Mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:


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