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Advanced Invasion Guide for New World MMO | How to Win, Endgame Content, Tactics & Survival (2021)

A short instruction that explains a highly likely strategy to defeat these invasions as well as other things you may do to prepare for them.

Beginning – 00:00
Invasion Details – 00:24
Preparation Phase – 00:57
Planning Phase & Strategy – 01:45
When It Starts – 04:23
Wave Breakdown – 05:43
The End – 06:56

Invasion Details – 00:24

Invasions, as we all know, occur at regular intervals throughout the week between the regions. The Corrupted begin to gather up in order to attack your castle and you must organize a defense in order to repel them.

All factions are welcome to participate, and if you lose the invasion, some of your workbenches and defenses will be degraded. They also made it such that the more upgraded your settlement is, the more fines you would receive. This is a 50-player tower defense mode, but you must be at least level 50 to participate.

Preparation Phase – 00:57

Outside of the invasion, preparation begins before you even enter it. Some things that assist are, of course, having a Discord server to advertise for the defenders; that level of contact is beneficial, as does ensuring that everyone has the right consumables and gear.

Because you’ll be battling Corrupted, you should equip armor with Corrupted resistance bonuses. Because the Corrupted are vulnerable to those elements, as well as Thrust damage, go for weapons that are imbued with either Arcane or Nature damage.

Next, provide good food management by bringing the greatest level of recovery food possible, as well as extras in case individuals require it. Bring attribute food as well, and remember that you may have many food boosts active at the same time, although this does not function as effectively as it formerly did.

Any amount of extra damage you can obtain from Honing Stones and Corrupted Coatings will assist, so bring extras if you need to pass them around. Or at the very least, pump materials into your Weaponsmiths and Alchemists for this stuff.

Planning Phase & Strategy – 01:45

There are eight rounds of Corrupted Invasion, which are identical to territorial warfare except that instead of using the Point Capture System, they’ll just attack your gates. People sometimes branch off from one of those groups to work on siege engines while simultaneously becoming the main group for doing gate repairs as needed. At the absolute least, you might designate a group to return for maintenance on a regular basis. They must first obtain the siege repair components from the station before repairing whatever gate is in need.

You also need to make sure that you split up the healers appropriately. One way to do this is to inform everyone who is a healer to write H or even X in army chat. That way, you can avoid having a complete group of 5 healers all in one place.

You may also divide up your ranged DPS or, more precisely, your mages. The rear gates will be ideal for having that AOE since hordes of opponents will be approaching a small stairway, which will be their major port of entry. Since they’ve tweaked the Great Axe, Gravity could actually be beneficial here now, but I’d focus on recruiting individuals with Ice Gauntlets and Fire Staff to fill this role.

Because of the AOR, Meteor Shower was also a very strong invasion weapon, and Fire Staff will almost certainly always have a position in this list, even if it is tweaked in the future. When it comes to your battle token, Inferno traps are the only item you should be buying. You should not be squandering these tokens on potions; instead, you should bring them in or obtain them from others.

One thing to understand about invasions is that there were times when it was possible to take them down with as few as 20 people, and there were tactics like stacking powder kegs next to each other to block enemies who broke through the gates and blowing them up next to mini-bosses for a lot of damage, but as these invasions continue to be tweaked, one thing that will more thaw will be the ability to take down these invasions with a group of that size.

Understand that you have the potential to make a significant difference in the invasion’s success or failure. This is why, more often than not, people will choose individuals with a strong reputation for being skilled fighters or just team members, and will prioritize higher levels over lesser ones. Because you must be 50 to enter, your position may be grabbed by a level 60 instead of you; nonetheless, do not take it personally if this occurs. Losing these invasions has actual repercussions, which is why individuals, especially guilds, must take them seriously.

When It Starts – 04:23

When the invasion begins, make sure that your fighters are constantly at the gates, and try not to overextend yourself since a domino effect might occur. You go down and someone attempts to get you out there and save you, or maybe they were feeling confident and battling with you, and then you both perish, and so on.

Another thing to remember is to keep buying Inferno Traps throughout, but try not to use any of them for the first 1 to 5 waves; utilizing them before then is a waste, in my opinion. You’ll need them particularly to assist you in coping with the mini-bosses.

For your shot callers, make sure they inform you when to purchase. After each wave, or when a wave is about to end, is usually the safest moment to do it; simply write BUY in all in-army chat and everyone should get the idea. They should also instruct you to concentrate your Void Destroyers. These are large Corrupted skeletons that shoot laser eye beams and may deal a lot of damage if left unchecked when they spawn.

The Corrupted Ogres, the Spriggan, the Commander, the Priest, and the Bear, are all small bosses that you should be focused on when they appear. If left uncontrolled, they may cause a lot of damage to the gates.

Wave Breakdown – 05:43

It’s usually just business as usual for waves 1-3. The Spearmen and the Muskets are two little creatures who have been corrupted. Between waves and monster encounters, you should start utilizing Honing stones and Coatings in Wave 4 of the invasion.

Wave 5 is when you’ll start seeing Priests and Ballistas, so have your inferno traps ready, at least at the back gates. You’ll start facing the Void Destroyers around wave 6. If you think your army is about to be overrun, or if you just want to be safe, go ahead and start setting up the Inferno Traps. Wait until wave 7, if you’re feeling secure.

Wave 7 is when you definitely must have Inferno Traps in place and be continuously utilizing Honing Stones and Coatings for additional damage. More minor bosses, such as Corrupted bears, ogres, and Spriggans, will appear, and the invasion will likely collapse at this time. It’s a case of all or nothing. Wave 8 is the last wave, and this is where you hurl all you’ve got.

The End – 06:56

Continue to eliminate the Corrupted ogres, Spriggans, Commanders, and everything else, and you’ll be finished in a few minutes. You will receive gold, reputation, Marauder tokens, Azoth, and Territory Standing when the invasion is completed. After that, you’ve successfully accomplished an invasion and may go on to battle another day.


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