Biomutant Is Looking INCREDIBLE – New Open World Trailer Showcases Amazing Universe

The world of Biomutant is largely unknown. With about a month left before the launch, the pieces are finally starting to come together for this open world RPG. Let’s dive into a brand new trailer and break down some of the exciting new scenes in Biomutant

0:31 We get a gorgeous shot of the world tree. We actually see two of the four branching roots clearly in this image 0:37. The world tree is at the center of the conflict in the game and the roots lead to four world eater bosses. 

0:43 In the next scene we get our first look at some magma or molten inspired elements in the heat biome 0:49. We know that heat is an extreme condition within the game that we’ll have to deal with but we haven’t seen volcanic elements up until this point. 

Biomutant Trailer Shows off its Gorgeous World

0:57 Next we see a character jimmying a lock and breaking into some abandoned facility in a toxic zone. I’m wondering if this is a cut scene or something happening in the game. One thing to know about the trailer is that everything was captured within the game. Nothing CGI’d, nothing artificial and that is impressive. 

1:14 What happened in the next scene was the first moment that my interest really piqued. A character using some sort of magical suitcase to glide across the map. Now we know that there is a wingsuit in the game but this suitcase doesn’t actually lose any altitude while in flight. Without any UI elements it’s hard to tell how long a player can sustain this flight but it’s definitely something worth talking about. 

1:36 After that we get a great sequence of shots leading our main character into one of the faction zones. We know that there are six factions within the game all vying for power. However this is the first time we’re actually seeing gameplay of the character walking amongst different faction members. 

Biomutant trailer shows the serene world you'll explore when you're not  busy kicking ass | PC Gamer

1:52 Now changing gears, the next scene takes us into the open world. We see some sort of destroyed bell tower covered in colorful graffiti but we also get to look at one of the more traditional mounts in the game 2:02. Now it is definitely not a horse but something we’ll be able to possibly tame or acquire at some point during our adventures. 2:08 We also see something in the background that looks like a bomb which could be interesting. 

2:13 Speaking of colorful, check out this character in his food cart. Clearly someone we’ll be able to interact with and most likely buy and sell to. While the game is serious there’s also this less than subtle quirkiness that runs throughout the game. 

2:29 In the next scene a docked airship. This could be one of the main ways we could get around the world. It’s also really neat to see something like this docked. It’s just interesting thinking about riding around on a giant airship and then just dropping the anchor anytime we want to go explore. The village beneath the airship is also really interesting. It looks to be a smaller landmark. One of the locations we might just stumble across for a side quest, for some scavenging. 

Biomutant's latest trailer shows off its massive open world

2:58 The next thing that really piqued my interest was a series of snowy scenes. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is the first time we’ve seen snow scenes this dynamic. It’s definitely a contrast from some of the other biomes we’ve seen in the game. Given the nature of Biomutant, I’m wondering if this is the result of some nuclear accident. We see power lines in the back of the second shot 3:18 so it got me thinking we also get  a taste of another mount here and it looks a little ridiculous. 

3:25 After that we get a few shots of a crumbled urban area. And another short clip of that Mech walker we’ve seen before. It’s a cool vehicle and it’s always great to get another taste of what those vehicles will look like in the game. 

3:37 In the next scene I think we can all but confirm a true day night cycle within the game. It’s pretty clear to me that that’s what the developers are trying to show off here. We also see an airship again which leads me to believe those are important. 

3:51 Continuing with the urban footage here, if you look closely you’ll see a character zip lining across the top of some buildings. I’m not quite sure we’ve seen that from the character’s perspective yet but it does confirm another way of getting around within the game. 

Biomutant: Release date, trailers, gameplay, and everything you need to  know | Android Central

4:40 Almost doubling down on this idea, we get a series of travel shots next. Now it seems obvious to me that travel and transportation is a huge component of this game. Whether you’re using a wingsuit, or your airship or some other contraption getting around is a big deal. This could mean that players will have to travel everywhere without the crutch of a fast travel system. I can imagine from the developer’s perspective that they want to give players as many options as possible without cutting corners. And allowing people to simply jump from point A to point B. Good to see that the developers are really invested in the idea of mobility in a lot of different forms and fashion. 

4:46 We get another incredible shot of the mechanical hand mount in action which looks incredible. As well as a shot of a personal helicopter.  

After seeing all of these, how do we acquire all of these mounts and when do we get to use them? Are they specific to a certain quest or biome or is it a free flowing system? Honestly this feels more like an MMO style system than a true RPG system just with how many we’ve actually seen within the game. 

5:17 The final shots of the new trailer take us through some small villages and it’s really cool to see eastern inspired architecture blended with that dark quirkiness of a post-apocalyptic fantasy game. 

Biomutant's Vibrant, Post-Apocalyptic Open World Shown Off In Trailer

It’s really great to get a snapshot of the game from a 30,000 foot view. This is the first time we’ve seen Biomutant in its entirety from a world perspective and although we still don’t know the intricacies of each of the biomes, how they all connect, how we get access to them, it is great to get a snapshot of most of them in one trailer. And ultimately the world of Biomutant is looking fantastic. 

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