Friday Night Funkin’ VS Accelerant Hank UPDATE – MOD

Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. [HANK UPDATE]

Are you ready to battle Accelerant Hank from Madness Combat – but in Friday Night Funkin’? This mod has a challenge update featuring Accelerant song. In this mod you will battle Tricky, Tricky (Phase 3), Deimos, Sanford, Agent from the agency, and all manner of grunts.

This mod has some incredibly complicated mechanics, easter eggs (try to find them!), bullet dodging, bleeding periods (ya, that sounded wrong, but hey), and more than few modes (try the unfair mode and its instant death).

Will girlfriend and boyfriend survive this madness and get out alive? You’re gonna have to give it a try and find out!


Download V.S. Online Vs. Hank UPDATE mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

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