Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Ashtoreth (Stylish Sacrifice)

V.S. Ashtoreth Mod

Turns out that girlfriend has been messing around with her (demon) magic again in Friday Night Funkin’ and has some how banished you both to some kind of strange hellscape. Not to worry though, as you can battle rap your way out of there. The only problem is there is a very lanky, very cranky, demon lady named Ashtoreth there with you and she’s ready to do battle. She’s been quite lonely lately, and she’s more than happy to do battle with you!

Also, just because she is wearing a halo doesn’t mean she is an “angel”.


Ashtoreth – “Ah, I’m no longer alone I suppose”. “What are you two doing here”?
Boyfriend: “Beep”.
Ashtoreth – “Right”. “Well, you’re dragging a creature around like that with you”. “I supposed slipping into my plane was an accident bound to happen”. “Getting back out won’t be so easy”.
Boyfriend: “Beep bo”?
Ashtoreth: “The way back out requires a sacrifice”. “I supposed you both did manage to slip all this equipment in here as well, so how about it? Best two out of three”? “After all, what’s the point in new toys if you don’t play with them”?


Download Friday Night Funkin here:

Download the V.S. Ashtoreth mod here:


V.S. Ashtoreth mod is created by Critnuke.

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