Do you like to craft legendary items in Cyberpunk 2077? Do you like high powered, amazing legendary weapons? This is the guide for you!

In this video guide, you will be shown 5 legendary weapon blueprints / locations. Crafting weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 is a big part of the game – and hidden around this massive map are some incredible legendary weapon blueprints.

To craft legendary items in this game, it requires certain perks to be unlocked. More precisely, the Edgerunner Artisan perk. Which you need to be a technical attribute ability of 18 to unlock this perk.

M-179E Achilles

This legendary tech precision sniper can be within the afterlife club. Instead of going into the club, take the lift to the right of the bouncer which will take you onto the roof.


The second legendary weapon is called the Crusher – it is a power shotgun and it can do some amazing things.


Alrighty, now this is where the shooting starts. You will need to head over to Santo Domingo and kill some enemies and grab that loot.


This legendary is not too far way from the last one – just right of Santo Domingo. You will see a suspected organized crime activity icon on the map.


The final weapon is for the iconic Yinglong – smart machine gun. This one is also has a suspected organized crime activity icon on the map. It is at the bottom left side of Heywood. Just a warning, some of the enemies can be hard – so you have to be patient.

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