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Want to play your favorite games even when on the go? Here are 10 games you can play on any platform!

In that case we need a plan, we’re huge fans of PC gaming obviously but we can’t always lug our tower with us everywhere we go. We’d happily try but after that one time we set up in a coffee shop, we were told to stop. Luckily, we don’t have to bid due to our favorite games when we head out if there are tons that you can play on any platform.


Feels like a dream come true that teams up the fact that you can play it on any platform and is like using your elemental burst for the first time. It allows you to cross-save wherever you are because who needs to focus on real life. There are tons of city areas to explore monsters to battle, puzzles to unlock, and delicious digital meals to whip up.


This is the quintessential game you can play anywhere on your PC, on a console, on your phone, switch, and whatever hypothetical platforms awaits us in the future. A consistent and blocky experience across all devices through Minecraft. You can create your own server to upload and download worlds whenever you like.


Fortnite is one of the colorful pioneers of allowing you to team up with friends on all platforms for burger-headed fun, but you didn’t know it also allows cross-saves wherever you sign-in with an Epic account. Nobody will know the difference. They’ll be just angry when you sneak that headshot from your console as they would have been on your PC.


It’s a good thing that we can take this game with us everywhere because it is basically our happy place. Our escape to the outside even when we are curled up in our pajamas. Even if you are braving the outdoors to plant real turnips, you can take the game with you between PC and mobile. You could also transfer saves of your farm.


Dauntless is hacking and slashing at its very best. Big bosses, tons of weapons, and even bigger numbers appearing as he loves your blows. Settle in for hours conquering at your desktop, you can also keep that campaign running on the gate thanks to cross-save on everything but PS4.


You’ve reached space travel and as there’s tons of updates and packs you can enjoy which, yes includes pirates, because everything is better with pirates or if it can’t be improved by a ship and a parrot with cross-saves on multiple platforms.


Take your time to set up your heroes and plan certain builds to max damage and dense then bring in an underlord for extra power. It’s free across all platforms so you can pick up and start scheming whenever and wherever.


You can enjoy Albion Online from the comfort of your own home but the option is there while you’re switching between devices, you can also keep the same character and progress thanks to cross-save. So delve into a dungeon on your PC, realize the time, and take it to bed to play on your phone.


A calming game about exploring the ocean as a marine researcher. It’s a semi-open world so you can swim through the water watching whales appear through the blue. Disappear into Beyond Blue for a few hours on your PC or taking your phone to bed for calming whale noises at a sleepy time.

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