V.S. Stan – Friday Night Funkin – Nightmare Cops

V.S. Stan

Friday Night Funkin’ Week five had three rather interesting background characters donning strange red glasses. Well, good news, as they now have a starring role in a mod of their own! Hopefully this mod will bring a little more awareness to Stan and his crew.

The background for the mod revolves around boyfriends multiple encounters with the rather unfriendly Lemon Demon as well as his recent experience with the Hating Simulator. It is fair to say that boyfriend is weighed down by recent trauma. Anyway, bf wakes up near Kent High School where Stan and his two buddies are there to greet him.


Stan – “Huh. Been awhile since we came across a non-freak out here. I’m guessing you’re new here so I’ll give you the run down, this is a nightmare“. “Since I dropped that knowledge on you, you’re lucid dreaming now“. “So what’s the first thing you’re going to do with that ability“?

Boyfriend – “Blomp“.

Stan – ““. “You can do anything and you just want to rap“?

Boyfriend – “Babo“.

Stan – “Against me“?

Boyfriend – “Yes“.

Stan – “Alright, we have some time, I can go a round“.

Stan – “That was awesome! It’s been so boring lately just fighting freakshows, that was a nice change of pace“.

Boyfriend – “Boo do 🙂

Stan – “We still have more than enough time to kill, I’m game for another round“.


Download the V.S. Stan (Nightmare Cops) mod here: https://gamebanana.com/mods/293097

Download Friday Night Funkin’ the game here: https://ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin

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