Overwatch 2 – Sojourn Quick Guide

Sojourn, one of the new characters in Overwatch 2, is an amazing new addition. When played correctly, Sojourn is a high powered DPS powerhouse. This guide will cover all aspects of Sojourn, so let’s get into it!

Sojourn Abilities


The primary fire of the railgun does 9 damage per shot and it has 40 ammo in the weapon. You will be using approximately 11 bullets / ammo per second and it can headshot. The weapon is a projectile weapon, it is fast moving, and you will need to “lead” your shots when very far away. This does take a little getting used to.

sojourn guide

Note, that while this weapon can definitely kill, but it is really used for setting up secondary fire. Every damage you do generates energy that can be used for your secondary fire that can in turn do burst damage. This in turn allows you to open up a fight and get key pick offs.

Sojourn Playstyles

One of the best way to play Sojourn is to play a slow, static play-style entering around building up energy for your secondary fire by farming up tanks and even shields (they also generate energy). This is a great way to play both safely while also outputting a lot of damage while waiting to do a key pick-off when you have your secondary energy up.

Secondary Fire

It does anywhere between 1.3 and 130 damage (what a huge range) and that is WITHOUT a headshot. A headshot is able to do up to 260 damage, which is crazy high DPS. You only need to be at 80 energy to headshot a 200 HP character – keep that in mind.

Disruptor Shot

15 second cooldown with a max of 210 damage if an enemy stays in the “bubble” the entire time. It should be noted that it does not matter where the enemy is within the bubble – they need to be completely out of it or they are taking the maximum amount of damage from the shot. This can kill any 200 or less health point (HP) heroes should they get stuck in it. If your enemies do not have much in the way of healing, or they are stuck in a graviton surge (for example), they are in trouble.

Overlock (Ultimate)

It allows you to carry a complete team fight, getting kill after kill. You still have to wait for it to charge up to 80 – to get to the 200 headshot. You can also store the last shot, so you can hold onto it for a nice kill shot.

The Slide

The slide has a 7 second cool down and it allows Sojourn to be incredibly flexible with her play-style. You can use it to engage, disengage, initiate fights, get out or tricky situations, etc. There are a lot of uses for this ability!

Sojourn Tips

Tip #1 – Play Around Your Railgun

Poke, try to build up your railgun shots, and remember that you really only need one headshot to connect to get that key pick off for your team. If you feel like you are just poking and not doing anything for your team (besides building up energy), don’t, because you can do immense damage against key targets.

Tip #2 – Make The Most Out Of The Slide

One of the big aspects of the slide is that you can get to the high ground. Keep track of enemies on your enemy team that can actually chase you to high ground. If, for example, the enemy team has little vertical mobility – use the high ground as your safe haven! You can easily use it as an escape! Keep in mind that the slide cooldown is 7 seconds, so if you instantly engage with your slide, you may not have it in time to instantly disengage. Also, don’t jump for no reason – it leaves you vulnerable.

Tip #3 – Hitting The Secondary Fire

Be patient, and don’t rush these shots if you are missing them every time. Make your one shot count! Waiting for static targets that are in fixed movement is the best way to hit them. If an enemy is jumping, or flying through the air with a movement ability, that is the most likely time you will hit that headshot. Sometimes you need to wait for your key moment!

Tip # 4 – Crosshair Placement

Keep your crosshair pointed down (head level) is an effective way to add damage and get free kills, especially when having a poke battle. This is especially useful when shooting down long corridors and hallways. Free damage, free kills, are nice!

Tip #5 – How To Use Disruptor

This ability can really turn the tables against your attackers. While it makes a lot of sense to use it when just poking, or setting up for your Ray gun, one powerful tool you can use is using it near door frames when enemies are chasing you. Sliding through a doorframe, disrupting the door frame, means you can turn the table on your enemies while also escaping easily.

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