Building A Massive Base, Castle, And Moat In Valheim

Building a Massive Castle in Valheim! In this guide, Drae builds his first actual (massive) base.

Important Tips

Tip #1 – Upgrade your crafting table.

Tip # 2 – Building a huge castle, assuming you sorta know what you are doing – takes around 10 hours.

Tip # 3 – Consider making a hole in your floor, then building a fire pit in your house.

Tip # 4 – Leave a hole in the roof for the smoke to billow out.

Tip # 5 – Rain degrades wood, so put a roof up as soon as feasible.

Tip # 6 – There may be a roof glitch – in this video, a part of the roof kept breaking / crashing. Watch for it.

Tip # 7 – Do not let the rooms fill with smoke. Ensure you have adequate ventilation or you will have problems.

Tip # 8 – Fire Arrows are excellent.

Tip # 9 – Careful for rolling logs – they can kill you if they fall or roll on top of you!

Tip # 10 – Don’t step in the fire! You only get one second or so and then you are toast. Literally.


AuthorCurtis Pyke
ProgramFreedom! Scholarship
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