Vs Cassandra Full Week – Friday Night Funkin’ Mod

Vs. Cassandra Mod

Friday Night Funkin’ is back in action in the new “VS Cassandra” mod. Note, this mod is currently in alpha release. The language used in this mod is foul at times, user discretion is advised! Oh, and pay attention to the dialogue, does Cassandra know girlfriend REALLY well? Why does Cassandra hate her? Should boyfriend listen to her warnings? Important questions that you need to find out!


Cassandra – “Why don’t you watch where the f*ck you’re going a**hole”! “You almost pushed me to the road”!
Boyfriend – “Beep beep”…
Cassandra – “Eh”? “Whatever, you enjoy your day”. “Wait”…
Boyfriend – “Beep bop”?
Cassandra – “That girl”… “Sis”…?
Boyfriend – “…Beep”?
Cassandra – “You mother f*cker”. “That girl is bad news”!
Boyfriend – “Beep boop skip bop”.
Cassandra – “A rap battle”? “Haven’t done that in forever”. “Alright then blue boy”. “I’ll make sure you get the point”.

After the first battle, Cassandra really lays it on thick about her sister. Why does she hate her so much? And she stuffs her bra? Is boyfriend being used by girlfriend? So many questions are raised! Anyway, this mod gets weird, but it’s great. And she turns into an alien, just like in Pico’s school!


  • Berzerker
  • Possession
  • Takeover


Download VS Cassandra Alpha release mod here: https://gamebanana.com/mods/286853

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