Games With Gold May 2021- Xbox Live Gold

This May, there will be a new set of games available for Xbox Live Gold members. Stay tuned to know more about it. 

Armello coming to Xbox One, DLC on all Platforms | Game It All

00:09Armello is first on the list, with its stunning self-shaded cinematic introducing players to a beautiful universe. Animal kingdom members such as tigers, rabbits, and an evil lion fill all of the typical fantasy archetypes. When you play this game, you have two options for winning: go straight to the king and claim the crown, or complete more quests and reach for a prestigious victory. In any case, you must move around the map collecting cards to improve your character and plot a successful course.

Lego Batman: The Videogame - Take on Gotham's Most Notorious Criminals  (Xbox One/360 Gameplay) - YouTube

01:29 – The next game on the list is the reincarnation of LEGO Batman, which became the most beloved version of the character, and it contains everyone from Luke Skywalker to Gandalf the grey. The LEGO Games also provided some of the best for the fans to enjoy.

Buy Tropico 4 - Microsoft Store en-IN

02:43 – Are you the type of person who aspires to and believes they are capable of running a country? Then Tropico 4 is for you, and it will be available to Xbox Live Gold members as well. Tropico 4 is a management simulation that allows you to put your money where your mouth is. You command an undeveloped island and develop it into a thriving industrial community.

Dungeons 3 - Clash of Gods | PC Mac Linux Steam Downloadable Content |  Fanatical

03:51 – The final game on the list is Dungeons 3. This game incorporates elements from all of the others because, like Armello, it’s set in a fantastical realm with all of the genre’s familiar tropes. As in Tropico, your job is to act as the underworld’s president, gathering resources and commissioning buildings. Finally, like Lego Batman, this game has a wicked sense of humor that thrives on meta jokes.

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