Ergastulum: Dungeon Nightmares 3 – Game review

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Ergastulum is the scariest of the three Dungeon Nightmares games, so much so, that we could not finish playing it!

As a first-person fantasy horror adventure game, Egastulum blends a mix of Asian and Western folklore to create a terrifying vision of psychological horror to frighten players.

And frighten it does. This game is not for the faint of heart.

The developer K Monkey spent four years creating this latest in the series, and it was worth the wait! We were on edge throughout the entire game, and we could not even reach the end. We already have flashbacks of that crazy woman coming at us πŸ™‚


The story so far: the house you are living in is in an underground building used to hold dungeons and slaves from the folklore of Asian and Western cultures, like vampires and cursed monsters. Literally hell on Earth.

With the first game, it was β€œget in the dungeon, get the item, get the hell out of there”.

In the second game, it was a hotel, every time you find a key in the dungeon, it unlocks a secret door that tells a story of fire.

In this, the third game, you start in a house. Normally Dungeon Nightmares are focused on dungeon nightmares, but the first hour of Ergastulum was about exploration and discovery. You do go in a dungeon, where you open portals in the basement, that you unlock to get souls.

Solving miniature quests in the dungeons let you gather more souls, but the longer you stay in a dungeon, the more horrifying it gets.

If you die in the dungeon, you have one chance to get your souls back. So make sure you don’t die πŸ™‚


If you like horror games, get this one!

If you can get further than Act 2, we are proud of you. We could not.

Get Ergastulum on Steam

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