New World – 65 Great Tips and Tricks

No bull, no padding. Just some great information and tips that’ll help you play New World.

65. Upgrade your camp. Upgrading your camp is going to be crucial for unlocking more features and crafting opportunities at your camp. If you leave it at level 1, you will constantly be shooting yourself in the foot. You can see what quest is required to upgrade your camp by opening your attributes screen and clicking leveling rewards, then scroll and find camp tier upgrade.

64. Craft or buy bags. New World is a game where you will constantly be battling against storage limits because you need so much stuff to be effective. The bags you get early on are pretty meh, so save yourself some time and frustration by either leveling up and crafting your own bag or by buying one.

63. Choose fast-leveling weapons. When leveling, you want to take the most effective weapon that you can stomach using, which means that if you are a magic player, then you need to get a little comfortable with using something different or be okay with killing things a little slower than the rest. I would highly recommend using the Great Axe, hatchet, bow, or rapier early on.

62. Pick the right territory cards. Choosing territory cards is an art, and you need to make sure to pick the right ones. I have a full guide dedicated to this feature, but long story short, make sure to understand the different areas and what they offer in order to pick the right card. For instance, don’t take a bunch of reductions to trading fees in a zone that doesn’t have a big trading hub – those are wasted upgrades. Take something like crafting fees in a starting zone to get the most bang for your buck.

61. Always eat. You need to keep your buff up. When it comes to health regeneration in New World, you need to eat to maintain a buff that in turn regens your health. If you don’t eat, you won’t passively regain health. Now, make sure you’re eating the right food because some will only restore mana.

60. Don’t be afraid to use consumables if you need to. This is one of those rules that has a lot of caveats. Consumables are a huge source of experience for town project turn-ins, so I recommend saving them as much as you can and turning them in for that. But if you are out in the wild and on the brink of death, don’t be afraid to pop one. It makes more sense to stay alive and find or craft one more rather than die and have to run back to where you were.

59. Avoid the town project traps. Anything with fish is bad. General rule of thumb is to take kill missions where those animals can be found anywhere, like wolves. Take crafting missions that can be completed quickly like the armament turn-ins, and lastly, take the ones where you need to open chests. These are often in the same route as main and side quests, so you can double-dip.

58. Don’t turn in high-level resources for town projects. These are things like orichalcum, lodestone, wyrdwood, etc. You need a ton of these for endgame crafting and it’s not worth wasting them here.

57. Don’t stay in the first zone and level to 60, the quests and faction quests will have diminishing returns. Stay in your first area until 20, then move upward towards Brightwood.

56. When doing corrupted events, make sure to tag the carapace, veil, or channel your azoth staff to get credit and rewards. If you don’t, then you won’t get credit – no matter how many enemies you kill during the event.

55. Another thing, Do corrupted events for decent gear and corrupted slivers, which are used for making dungeon keys. You will need these in late game.

54. This one is fairly basic, but sometimes people forget that you can party up with others to level faster. AOE farming is a thing.

53. Don’t sleep on alternative tradeskills like jewelcrafting and stonecutting. They may seem boring early on, but later in the game, they are incredibly powerful.

52. Collect resources as you go. Don’t be hyper-focused on questing; you will miss out on passive XP and resources.

51. SKIN EVERYTHING. It’s huge passive XP, free tradeskill leveling, and is very minimal effort.

50. Don’t just follow the main quest – it’s the slowest way to level and you will most likely burn out. Take side quests, town projects, participate in portal runs, etc.

49. Don’t go full damage and DPS. You need to have a balance of defense as well. Remember, this is a game that gets progressively harder. While you might be smoking everything early on – you will see a pretty decent difficulty curve as you level up.

48. Don’t worry too much about specific gear and weapons early on – just take the more powerful item and keep moving. This obviously excludes magic weapons since those are weak until 35-ish.

47. Sell excess resources for extra gold. Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so they say.

46. Only sell resources in one of the starting towns. Don’t post anything in trading posts outside of those because they won’t sell well until you reach endgame zones.

45. Storage sheds are connected if the same faction owns both territories.

44. Buy a house to get amazing benefits – but buy it where you want it, and remember to be strategic about location.

43. Don’t forget about heavy attacks, I see so many people just spamming light attack until something is dead. Lots of times heavy attacks gain additional buffs from passive trees.

42. Roll cancel everywhere for extra movement speed. If you don’t know how, here you go: halfway through your roll, press X to cancel the animation, then wait until you have 51 stamina and repeat the process two more times. I would recommend not running out of stamina and simply waiting for it to refill to 51 each time. This also helps you avoid the stamina bug happening right now.

41. Make sure you understand the armor weight and choose the best one for you.
a) Healer and tanks – Heavy for CC duration.
b) DPS – Medium or light for increased damage and partial CC duration

40. If you want to take part in a war, you need to sign up at the war board. You can’t just join when it starts. So make sure to open your map, click on the settlement and see what time the war begins.

39. If you don’t like PVP wars, consider joining invasions. These are PVE versions of wars.

38. Make sure to invest in attributes that scale well with your weapons. Don’t put all your points into focus if you are using a hatchet, for example.

37. Don’t slot gems into early gear unless you absolutely have to. Gear will be recycled so often it’s just wasted.

36. Dungeons require tuning orbs to run. Stonecutting is where you do that, so make sure to keep note of the resources you need to collect them for use later on.

35. Fish oil and fish filets are from salvaging fish, not just catching them.

34. I see this one hundreds of times every time we play – hemp are tall purple flowers, primarily found in grasslands.

33. When you “track” an item, it just adds it to your compass – you don’t need to turn it on.

32. Keep an eye on trading and crafting fees for zones. Some companies will crank these up super high in order to make gold fast – don’t be the chump who they steal money from. Do your crafting and trading elsewhere if it’s too high.

31. Upgrade your tools. Flint tools aren’t the only ones you get. Craft or buy better ones to gather faster and have a higher chance at rare materials.

30. If you want Gems, mine Silver. It’s the best place for it.

29. Gathering gives decent XP, don’t sleep on it. Try to gather as you head from objective to objective.

28. Don’t fast travel too much; you’ll run out of Azoth and be left stranded. If you lower your weight, you can fast travel for less.

27. Use the inn recall when you can, or recall to your house.

26. You can die to respawn at the closest settlement. You take durability damage, but can move around quickly. The old respawn method is no longer available, so you can’t do that anymore. It’s death or running.

25. To repair items, you need gold and repair parts. You can do this in your inventory by holding R and clicking on an item or by clicking repair all at the bottom.

24. You can quickly deposit all items in a bag category by clicking on the small arrow next to the title of the section.

23. You can search for items in your bag by using the search function. Easily find a certain tier of items or a specific named item.

22. Legendary and epic weapons aren’t ultra-rare drops, I’ve been able to land a few in a couple hours of farming. Check out newworldfans or new world database to find one you want and get to farming.

21. The top three zones, Great Cleave, Edengrove, and Shattered mountain, cannot be claimed by a company.

20. Clear out overworld dungeons, where elite bosses are, to get elite supply chests and legendary crafting materials. Plus, this is a great way to get tons of experience and level up weapons.

19. You can respec your weapons for free until level 20, take advantage of this to try new combos.

18. If you level with PVP on, you get a small XP bonus.

17. Make sure to salvage anything you don’t need. There isn’t a trash vendor; salvaging is the way to get rid of things.

16. You can send money by opening inventory and clicking send money. This will let you send to other players or into your company treasury.

15. Water is free and can be used to heal you. Equip it in your character inventory slots for usable consumables – it will not contribute to your weight in this fashion.

14. The first house that you purchase in New World is half price. As such, it can be worth avoiding buying a house until you save up for one of the more expensive properties. The better the property, the lower the cooldown on your fast travel.

13. Your dodge and roll quality is directly tied to what armor you wear. Light armor will give you the roll, and anything heavier will give you the dodge. If you want to avoid attacks better, wear lighter armor.

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12. Faction missions can give you better quality equipment that you’ll likely find whilst leveling. You can use this to augment a weak spot in your inventory, easily.

11. If you get a stat roll that isn’t ideal on a great piece of equipment, you can use seals from your faction leader that will change the stats. You can choose the stat when crafting with the seal.

10. Reaching a level-up threshold for gathering skills will give you a decent boost to your character’s overall experience. If you’re trying to rush to a high level, don’t neglect gathering skills.

9. If the chat is annoying you, or you want to have a more immersive experience, you can change it to full opacity – effectively hiding it while not in the menu. Click the gear setting within the chat window to change this setting.

8. If your character isn’t using a shield as part of the Sword and Shield weapon combination, you will not receive stats for having it equipped – but it will contribute to your equipped weight. One of the key equipment tips.

7. If you have too many basic resources for a skill you have no interest in and don’t want them taking up space in your storage, consider auctioning them. The game isn’t flush with all the resources for every profession due to its infancy. You’d be surprised what sells for high coin.

6. Upgrading your gathering tools will improve your gathering speed and the likelihood of gaining additional items when gathering through perks.

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5. Proficiency potions will greatly increase the amount of resources gathered. Consider making or grabbing some before going to resource gather.

4. Crafting ingredients don’t need to be carried to be used. If you have items in storage in the same settlement, you can use them for crafting.

3. If you need a potion while out and about, consider making your camp near a pond. You will have all the water you need to craft from your camp. It’ll save you the trip back to a settlement.

2. The lighter your carry weight, the less Azoth it costs to fast travel. Consider storing heavy items that you don’t need before fast traveling if you want to save Azoth.

1. New World has no subscription fee and there is no reason to play the game in any other way than the one that suits you. Don’t want to rush to max level, or play to a meta? Don’t. Play it your way. Take your time fishing, mining, or whatever floats your boat. There is no rush. Unless that’s your thing. You like that style? Do it.

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