Unlock Jaegar On Your First Raid – Escape From Tarkov Guide

In this guide you will learn how to unlock jaeger on your very first raid. Now this is incredibly important because not only do you get his tasks unlocked and you can start progressing those sooner than later, it also gives you access to a ton of gear that is really helpful to low-level players before they have the flea market.

Now for your inventory, and this is where the real work starts, just start id’ing each and
every thing. Each id gives you a little bit of xp which will push you all the way to level two which is what you need to get to his task. Now to get this done you’re gonna have to double click on a couple of guns and id the parts on side of them that you don’t have with your other traders but it only takes about five six minutes to do this.

Now keep in mind some quests can be buggy. You’ll get to level two and you won’t see anything on mechanic. If that’s the case just log off real quick and log back on and it should be there.

After that gunsmith one is what you’re going to accept and by accepting that then it’ll show you introduction and then you accept that as well. With that done you’re ready to go into
raid. Now how you do this is up to you. I usually go in at night or as close to night as i can with gear and a big bag and I try to loot as well as get Jaeger’s letter.

This is because woods has a ton of really good loot that is so valuable early on. Things that can help you with your tasks as well as getting your hideout built. But i do know some
folks that just grab a pistol, speed run it, get all the way through – be done.

You do you – now Jeager’s letter is located at a hunting blind near the
crashed airplane. There are two ways you can find this if you aren’t super
familiar with woods.

The first is to find your way to what everyone calls sniper rock. it’s a big
mountain in the middle of the map. On the side that actually has the sniper
scav, locate the crashed airplane, walk to the front of it, and just off the nose to the left you’ll see the blind next to a rock. Down underneath it on the ground you’ll
see a letter pick that up and that’s it.

Now the other way is from the medical fob, head straight from the fob to this rock
keep running past it till you see this rock and then right on the other side here’s the hunting blind and the letter again.

Keep in mind you have to survive your raid with a letter for it to count so get in and get out. Don’t forget to turn it in after your raid either some of us have definitely done that before got into another raid died and then you have to do it all over again and with
that voila you have Jaeger unlocked.

This gives you access to shotguns you can use in raid or just buy and turn into proper
for his first task. Tons of different kinds of ammo, some decent attachments like suppressors and optics and mounts, and a really good rig that i use quite frequently early wipe.

This also opens up his task line so you can get a head start on it and once you hit level five you’ll get dailies on him as well. But that’s it, pretty straightforward, now go get your letter i wish you the best of luck in your raids and we’ll see you in Tarkov.

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