New World LEAKS – New Desert Zone, New Weapons, Armor, PvP Arena, Dungeons

0:44 – New zone
3:23 – New game modes
5:38 – New dungeons
7:12 – New weapons
20:39 – New armor
21:08 – Cash shop details
23:01 – Summary

No game in the modern era is safe from curious gamers who know their way around bits and strings of information tucked way in video game files and code. New World is no different. Fans were able to pull out TONS of information about new weapons, zones, game modes, and more that might be coming to the game at a later date. Of course, this could also just be left over from previous builds of the game considering its changed its identity a few times.

All of this was datamined by the community and put together in a nice spreadsheet, so I want to heavily iterate that nothing here was found by me. All credit goes to the amazing folks who put this together and they have been linked in the description below, so please feel free to reach out to them and help support what they are doing.

Okay! Let’s get started and I want to kick this whole thing off with a look at the brand new zone, Brimstone Sands.

Brimstone Sands

Brimstone Sands is a new 60+ area that takes heavy inspiration from ancient Egypt with its rolling sand dunes and oasis peppered across the landscape.

Making up Brimstone Sands are a interlocking network of subzones:

  • The Oasis
  • Dead Zone
  • Barren Wastes
  • Searing Sands
  • Scorched Battlefield
  • Windswept Highlands
  • Shattered Foothills
  • Jagged Ridge
  • Ancient’s Rise

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a new zone without new resources to gather and use to make new things. While we don’t know what these are used for quite yet, we do know their names and can play a little guessing game about what they might allow us to craft.


The new mining resource is called Sandstone and there are a few other resources you can find scattered about:

  • Course Sand
  • Fine Sand
  • Silty Sand
  • Charged Sand

My first thought here is that maybe this will be used to make glass, which in turn could be used to add scopes to musket or telescopes to reveal areas? Or maybe used to create some special items to reach new areas. I’m not sure, but my curiosity is at an all time high.

Brimstone Sands Footage:

To build on this new zone, we also have a rough guess at what the full game world of New World looks like. This was put together by visualizing the data that we have access to and we can see here the areas we have access to today, the new Brimstone sands area, but then we have all these other areas that are under development for future content drops, including some cool island strands along the top. I’m wondering if we will have naval battles or naval content in the future to battle for these islands? Only time will tell.

void gauntlets

On top of the new zones, the community was also able to pull some references to new game modes like PvP Arena, Tournaments, Dungeon Mutations (Mythic+?), plus they confirmed the story mode will reach all the way to level 60 rather than halting at level 45.

If these are even remotely true, then we will see some pretty happy PvP players who were loathing the fact that New World didn’t have any sort of structured PvP on a smaller scale than Outpost Rush and Wars. To be honest, I think this would be a no-brainer for Amazon Game Studio. Put in a way for players to get together with friends and compete against other teams. They could even take this a step further and incorporate an Arena similar to Runescape where players put items, gear, and currency as a bet where the winner takes all.

While we don’t have a true confirmation these will be added, we do know about some new PvE dungeons aka Expeditions, coming to the game at a later date:

  • Frozen Passage
    • Where: Great Cleave
    • Bosses: The Heavy & Corrupted Ogre
  • Unholy Depths
    • Great Cleave
  • Barnacles and Black Powder
    • Cutless Keys
    • Title Reward: Dissonant Dissident
    • Siren Queen
  • Eridanus Caverns
    • Restless Shores
  • The Ennead
    • Brimstone Sands
    • Title: Magister Militum
    • Bosses: Lotus Scarab& Crassus
  • Isabella’s Lair
    • Level 65
    • Shattered Mountain
    • Title: Tempest Tamer

Now, most of this is pretty granular and some expeditions are missing key information like The Ennead’s bosses and title. But as a PvE main, this has me excited! I am glad they are building on the group content side of the game rather than let it get stale. Keep building both sides and New World will have a long life.

Alright, Now let’s talk about the new weapons. This is my favorite part about this whole spreadsheet because these weapons look really badass and the Void Gauntlet even has abilities that are attached! So maybe we will get access to this at launch as a endgame weapon drop?

The Void Gauntlet is an incredibly powerful weapon from the abilities listed below. It will allow players to both dish out serious damage, but also play a support healing role. Most of the skills we see are built around siphoning life from enemies and then using those same skills to heal up ourselves and others.

Void Gauntlet

Void Abilities

We also have some references to a Blunderbuss, which would be interesting to see if it is like the classic weapon where you can simply load whatever into the barrel and fire away.

Next up is the Pistol, which we’ve seen gameplay of this weapon already in an official video from New World.

new world pistol

Then we have the Club aka Mace. These range from simple branches and bones to actual maces – hopefully for both tanking and healing.

new world mace

Then we have a two-handed Club to compliment the one-hander. Hopefully we will some unique skills come with these since they mix the effectiveness of a Great Axe and War Hammer.

new world 2 handed club

I know everyone will be excited for this one…Daggers! This was one of, if not the most, requested weapon type that the game was missing. Everyone loves to play as a Rogue or Assassin at some point and without daggers, that makes it difficult.

Another interesting weapon that was mined was the Angry Earth Staff. But I’m not convinced this is an actual weapon and I’m thinking this may be a special item that is used somewhere within the game or maybe it’s a legendary drop from the Spriggan considering it’s an Angry Earth type enemy.

Asmongold and warrior-types will be extremely happy to hear that Long Swords were found in the game files as well! These are things like Claymores. Massive blades that will slice through enemies.

And lastly we have the Pole arm or Halberd, which will compliment the spear as a ranged melee weapon and I’m sure all the FFXIV Dragoon mains are pumped up to see this one added.

The last two things that were pulled from the leak are the cash shop and armor sets within the game. The armor sets are ones that can be found in the store or from drops in the world. While we don’t know where lots of these will come from, we do know what they look like.  

Here are a few examples:

The community was also able to pull some valuable information about the Cash Shop, including the price and quantity of Marks of Fortune you can buy.


For reference, one of the sets in the beta cost 13,000 coins, which would put it just about $12-$13 for a set.

Alright folks that is all we have for today, but my goodness was that a lot of info and honestly, I’m pretty excited to see how much of this will actually make it into the game versus what was leftover from previous builds and directions for the game. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of it, but for now, take this with a grain of salt.

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