Ashes Of Creation – Tank Preview And Abilities

Kaelar Tank

The tank is arguably the most important component to any team fight in an MMORPG. This is definitely the case in Ashes of Creation. They soak up damage, protect the DPS members, and often initiate the battles. In this guide, we look at the Tank Archetype in Ashes of Creation.

Weapon Toss

Throw a weapon at your target, dealing damage. Generates additional threat.


Strikes your target and increases your block chance. Generates additional threat.

Ultimate Defense

Provides increasing mitigation based on missing health, up to full invulnerability. Reduces movement speed while active.


This pulls your target to your location. Generates additional threat.


Slashes your target, dealing instant damage and bleeds the target over time. Generates additional threat.


Strikes your target and increases your damage mitigation. This generates additional threat.


Charge at your target. Provides a small damage-absorbing shield. Generates additional threat.


Stomps the ground in front of you, knocking down and dealing damage to all targets. Generates additional threat.

Resounding Smash

Smashes the ground in front of you, dealing damage to all targets. A second hit resounds on the primary target. This generates additional threat.


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