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Welcome to the first-ever legendary weapon that I got in Outriders, and I am very proud to say that this is one of the best legendary weapons in the game thus far. Today I bring to you, Rarog’s Gaze which is one of Outriders legendary rifles.

This gun looks absolutely stunning, the level of detail that went into this design is simply incredible. The way the gun looks like it’s made entirely out of bone, with this crystal-like substance inside that’s giving this gun the power that it possesses. I am really pleased with the way this gun looks, now let’s move onto the mods and stats of this beast.

Mods and stats

This gun fires a high-powered single shot and has a clip size of 8. The RPM of this gun is 149 whilst doing 39 base damage. The reload takes 2 seconds and your crit multiplier can go up to 250%. The Accuracy is quite high, sitting at 76% which is to be expected for a rifle. Its stability is just above half-way at 59% which isn’t too bad being a high-powered single shot. The range is a huge 180m range which means you can sit back and pop some heads very easily which you’ll see very shortly.

Rarog’s Gaze has two unique mods which are Weakness Trap and Burning Bullets. Weakness Trap causes explosions, dealing 30 damage and inflicting Weakness on enemies within a 5-meter radius of the target. This has a total cooldown of 3 seconds. Burning Bullets is fairly self-explanatory whereby shots inflict burn onto enemies, this has a cooldown of 8 seconds per burn.

My opinion

Watching the video first makes this easier to talk about, as you can see what’s happening and understand things a little easier, so I will try my best to break things down for you as easily as I can in word form. I launched the second mission in the Outriders demo which has a nice “target range” style area which I thought would be great to test out this weapon – and it 100% was. I was popping heads off like there was no tomorrow, I could also see that nearby enemies were getting weakened which set me up for my next shots. Enemies that got closer to me I froze with either my melee or my turret and then inflicted the burn damage that comes with Rarog’s Gaze.

This weapon really suits my playstyle. I like to be the guy at the back that provides cover for my team that are out on the field. There have been many times when I have shot an enemy that’s coming at my team-mate from behind in the back and it’s not quite depleted his health, however, when the burn kicks in, my enemy’s health very quickly hits zero. Rarog’s Gaze feels really good to shoot.

The kickback is there but it really isn’t much – and I like that because you expect there to be a huge knockback but there really isn’t. The reason why I feel this is good is that it really makes you realize that you’re holding a strong and unique weapon, something that you know does high amounts of damage whilst not giving you much recoil at all.

The only drawback I tend to run into quite a lot is the amount of ammo you get. Sometimes you’ll get a shot off that doesn’t quite kill an enemy, and when your burn is on cooldown, you’re ready to fire your next shot to secure the kill but end up having to reload. Sure, the reload is only 2 seconds, but I feel like we can all agree that 2 seconds in video games usually feel like 1 hour!

I’ll admit, with this gun being my very first legendary weapon in Outriders, it does have a special place in my heart, however with that said, this weapon still packs a huge punch and my video above does a really great job at showing that off. Overall I want to rate Rarog’s Gaze a solid 9/10. This would have been a straight-up 10/10 however the lack of ammo in the magazine is what is keeping me from that. The gun has 8 shots altogether, I feel if this was increased to at least 10, then I would have given this gun a solid 10/10.

There are more legendary weapons out there, and I cannot wait to give my review on all of them. Thank you for reading, and until next time!


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  1. Rarog’s Gaze was my first as well. I’m having a lot of fun with it, but I also wish it held a little more ammo. Nice review Brad!


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