Healer Beginner Guide – World of Warcraft

Before you enter into the dungeon as a healer, you will want to make sure you have selected a healer specialization. The classes that have healing specs are Priests, Paladin, Shaman, Druid and Monk.

Now, if you are any of those classes and you are in the damage specialization you will have some healing spells, however they will use your mana pool up. Because of this, you will have a lot less mana to use for healing. Where as a healer, your healing spells will use a lot less mana – it is much more efficient this way.

In this video, we play as a Holy Priest. Holy is a pretty straightforward spec to use. The Discipline spec is more advanced, as it is more about preventing damage than healing.

Key spells

The first spell of note is renew. This is a heal-over-time spell – it heals 400 over 15 seconds. This is an instant cast, and you can spread this out on as many people as you want.

The second spell is heal. It is literally just called heal. This is what you will be using when characters are down around 20%- 30% ish. Use this spell to top them up as well as have the renew ticking on them at the same time.

The next spell is “flash heal”. Flash heal is a faster heal – it is about half the cast time than “heal” is, however it is high mana. Save this spell for when people are getting dangerously low on health.

If a party member is really close to death, there are a few spells you can use when in a jam. Spam this a few times and it will top them back up – but at a steep mana cost.

Holy word – Serenity does a big heal of 1,500 and it is an instant cast. Note: It has a one minute cool down, so save it / use it appropriately.

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