Dark Deity Tutorial – How to Recruit Sloane and Sophia

During Dark Deity Chapter Three – Treasure Unknown, you’re presented your first opportunity for missables. There are two recruitments here in Sloane the Mage, and Sophia and her ferret, who’s an archer. Sophia that is, not the ferret (which would be cool). There are also two chests with loot, and your goal for the map is to kill the boss as quickly as possible. The game incentivizes the rushing of the map, by telling you at the beginning of the chapter that you will be rewarded more goal, the lower your turn count is when the boss dies.

Sophia and her ferret.

The map itself is split into a left and right section, with one recruitment and chest on the left, and the other two on the right. On the lower difficulties, it is certainly possible to split your troops on each side, and do the map quickly whilst also grabbing all the missable, but on the higher difficulty, there is no shame in forgoing the gold bonus for rushing and having your troops swoop one side safely, then the other.

Recruitment and doors work a little differently in Dark Deity than it does in Fire Emblem, if you’re familiar with that series and have come over to DD from FE. You don’t have to have your rogue or key holder open chests and doors in Dark Deity, they can be opened by any character who is adjacent to the objective. Which is a nice quality of life thing, so don’t worry about making Cia the character you drag along to open the doors that lead to the recruitments, or the chests later on the level, because even your healers or frontliners can do that too.

The second point is that recruiting units isn’t restricted to a Lord or ‘Main Character’ in Dark Deity, you can recruit troops just in the same way as you would open doors or chests, by having any character move to them, and interact with the blue unit that you yet do not control. So, open the door with anyone on the right to free Sloane the mage, and then do the same on the left to free Sophia the archer.

Units are automatically recruited regardless of your actions. The missables here are using those two characters during the level, and opening the chests. Hope that helps everyone get their head around the recruitment and chest mechanic in Dark Deity.


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