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Supraland – Review

Do you miss them Zelda games where you needed to find the right tools to get through other paths? Do you miss them days playing Metroid where, in order to move to another area, you needed tools and upgrades for your weapons? Well, if so, then this is good news for you! Look no further than Supraland! Supraland is an Ultimate Sandbox Adventure that draws massive inspiration from games like Zelda to Metroid.

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This insane game was one that really flew under the MGN TV radar. We’re here now, however, and with that said, let’s take a quick look at some of the features you can expect from this beautiful game!

Supraland Review
A sandbox in a sandbox game. Sandbox-ception.


Supraland revolves around a child’s sandbox. You play as a red person living in the village of red people. The King asks you to go down the well and find out why it’s run dry (seems like a legit request), and there you find out the blue people have turned off the water. You inform the King, and you set off on an adventure to get to the blue village and ask why have they turned off the water supply.


The gameplay is really good. From hacking and slashing to shooter-style mechanics, every attack and fight you have in the game is satisfying. As you explore, you collect coins that are scattered around the game world. You can then spend your coins on upgrading your attacks, health, and other kit you may have found around the world of Supraland.

There are also some funny pop culture easter eggs in the game referencing TV series like Breaking Bad, Indiana Jones, and other games like Zelda! (“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”) In regards to length, this has approximately 12-25 hours of game time. Having already spent over spent 10 hours non-stop playing this, I feel like this will be on the longer side for me.

supraland gameplay
The puzzles can appear deceptively simple.


The puzzles are challenging and very rewarding although, they do get rather hard at times. Early on in the game, I was stuck on a puzzle – I was told to get six golden barrels to get the starter stuff, like triple jump and block summon, and it took an embarrassingly long amount of time for me to figure it out. Throughout the game, I had to really use my brain, thinking deeply about each puzzle, and it made for a truly fun and enjoyable experience.


The visuals are wonderful and captures the scale and toy-like whimsy of playing in an actual sandbox. During my 10+ hours of playing the game, I encountered no errors, bugs, or visual glitches in any form. Just polished visuals.


The audio in this game is great, full stop. Whoever did the audio, hats off to (all of) you! Each area in the game I visited had a distinct soundtrack, and when you’re in combat, there’s a nice battle theme that plays and really ups the excitement. All the audio is perfect in this game.

Yeah, that’s just crazy, right? Right?


This game is amazing. It holds and embraces your inner kid and recalls the time years past when you played Metroid or Zelda. Throw in some fun puzzles, and loads of secrets to upgrade yourself, and you are guaranteed to be in for a fun time.

Supraland is available on both PC and Switch, with planned sequels in the works. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging game with vibrant visuals that can bring out the kid in you, you need to play this game. Seriously, play it now.



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