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Castle Crashers 2

Castle Crashers came out on August 27th 2008 in all its glory, after selling 20 million copies over the span of 13 years. It left us all wondering when the sequel will hit shelves? With the sales of the first game wouldn’t it be a “no brainer” to make a sequel not only to make the customers happy, but Behemoths wallet happy as well. Why not make a game that is guaranteed sales, and guaranteed fans?

Behemoth was asked about this by everyone, and has said multiple different statements to every game news company they spoke to. In one comment they stated that, ”if they were to make a sequel, the game would need to be improved upon.” Isn’t that obvious in the gaming industry? If you make a game, the sequel should be better?

Currently Behemoth is working on Alien Hominid Invasion which in all fairness looks like a great game… But it isn’t Castle Crashers. The last project they worked on was Pit People, it  was a decent board game style game. In fact every game Behemoth has produced has mostly positive ratings on the Steam marketplace. The newest one Alien Hominid Invasion reminds me a lot of neon abyss but as aliens.

The graphics look updated from the original Alien Hominid. This is an opinion but what made Castle Crashers unique was things like poopy deer and the last princess kiss at the end (don’t want to spoil it). It was the little things that made it a great game, the gameplay was as good as it needed to be.

In conclusion I feel like Castle Crashers 2 is on the table, but I don’t think they will necessarily call it Castle Crashers 2. It might be like Castle crashers crystal clash” or something unnecessary like that. I feel like Castle Crashers 1 mechanics could use a few more things as well.

Weapon upgrades are always fun in video games, they could add pet upgrades, special abilities, and perks etc. To revamp the game to a more modern style, would it really be that difficult?

I hope to see the game on shelves one day but we will have to see what Behemoth decides to do after Ailen hominid invasion because you never know, in the gaming industry.



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