Friday Night Funkin’ – Vulture Culture – V.S. Avenue FULL WEEK Mod

Vulture Culture

Drinking at a run-down, seedy bar is one thing, but quite another when there’s some kind of vulture creature with a bat looking to mess with you. Note that when I say bat, I mean baseball bat, not the flying kind. Anyway, turns out this Vulture is named “Avenue” and he wants to know why boyfriend and girlfriend are hanging out in a seedy bar. Looks like Avenue accepts your challenge and an epic Friday Night Funkin’ rap battle ensues!


Avenue – “Hey. What are you kids doing in a place like this? It’s not exactly the safest bar in town, if you catch my drift.”

Boyfriend – “Do bap bo beep!”

Avenue – “Ah. Well alright, I’m no narc. Wait, I know you. Yeah, I’ve seen you two plastered all over the news! You made a real ruckus in Nevada, huh?”


  • Payment
  • Collector
  • Overdue


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