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Utilize Your First 30 Minutes on Release Effectively | New World MMORPG

What you should do during your first 30 minutes in New World! Be the strongest possible when arriving into your first major town!


00:00 – Intro
00:39 – Starting Out
01:13 – Blue Pages
01:59 – Gathering Materials
02:30 – Creating Tools
03:15 – Collecting Flint
04:05 – Supply Cache
05:00 – Quest Rewards
05:19 – Boar Quest
05:49 – Herbs Explained
07:00 – Time-lapse Gameplay
08:50 – More Herbs
09:12 – Last Quest to Town
09:45 – New World Resource Map
12:28 – Outro

Starting Out – 00:39

You’ve just landed on the beach and need to get to the watchtower to speak with your first Quest Giver, but you’ll pick up some flint along the way. This flint will be used to make all of your tools for now. You’ll need just one flint and one piece of green wood per item that you’re going to craft, but go ahead and gather a bunch of them since they’ll come in handy later.

Blue Pages – 01:13

Continue into the campsite and chat with this guy who’ll reward you with a free pair of boots if you complete his task. Accept the following one before heading over to the blue chapter pages. These chapter pages may be found all around the world. They’ll grant you XP later on and will explain some of the mythology in the game.

You may use these pages to gain a little bit more XP and you can practically complete a level in your first town which will be really pleasant.

Gathering Materials – 01:59

You’ll need to gather a few of these shrubs. These bushes don’t require any type of equipment for you to gather the wood and this is how you’ll initially acquire Green Wood. You just need four wood and four flint to complete the task, but be sure to collect more as they’ll also come in handy later.

It’s essential to stockpile goods early on since it’ll help you get a lot of skilling levels once you reach your first settlement. Before returning to the campfire, you only need to select a few more bushes; keep in mind that the campfire will serve as your crafting station.

Creating Tools – 02:30

When you have the ability to create your own campground, you’ll have a campfire from which you can make all of these goods and take them anywhere you want in the globe, but they are restricted, so you won’t be able to build anything you want even with higher-tiered campsites.

They’re still fairly restricted, so you’ll probably want to go to town to manufacture a lot of the things you want to make. Plus, when you build them in town, you earn a lot more benefits.

Collecting Flint -03:15

While it does take some time, picking up flint is quite rapid. Pick up a few of these various clusters before rushing through the rest of the mission, but don’t feel compelled to get all of these resources.

The reason for gathering so much flint is that it’s plentiful in the beginning locations and creating the bow necessitates arrows, which take five flint for each stack of arrows. Other things, especially when you want to create a 500, which is the most amount you can carry, take a lot of flint.

Supply Cache – 04:05

Supply Caches, Supply Crates, and Supply Chests are all various names for the same item. You want to locate as many of these as possible. Ammunition, potions, food, weapons, and armor are all available. Basically, keep your head swiveled at all times since they are quite important throughout the game, and you’ll want to keep an eye out for them.

Quest Rewards – 05:00

Your next mission will reward you with a shirt, which you may then double-click to put on. Keep an eye out for any armor you may obtain. You just want to equip it as soon as possible since the missions that will now lead you to hunting a boar will provide you with new armor very rapidly.

Boar Quest -05:19

These boars will be in the grassy sections around the beginning area, so they won’t be on the beach, but you’ll still be able to kill it. You’re going to level off, so you’re going to halt in the middle of your skinning.

Simply add some points, but you’ll see that you didn’t really stop skinning, which is good since you can bring up that menu and add your points while doing other things in the background.

Herbs Explained – 05:49

Herbs are one item to keep an eye out for. These resemble purple flowers, and if you encounter them in your beginning location, I recommend picking them up. You’ll discover different sorts of spices depending on where you are and they’ll be helpful for cooking later on, though they’ll be a little tougher to come by.

These plants are a little more tough to get, so go ahead and pick them up to gain some harvesting experience.

More Herbs – 08:50

When you notice a handful of herbs, grab them while you can since others will be snatching them up whenever they appear, especially when the game first launches.

Last Quest to Town – 09:12

Return to this man, turn in our task, and your last mission is to travel to Main Town. We’ve basically completed the entire 30 minutes. Going all the way back to town will generally eat up the final few minutes of your time, but before you travel all the way back to town, feel free to fill up your inventory, especially along the route.

If you come across any ores, such as iron ores or anything similar along the road, it’s always a good idea to grab them while returning to town, but what you really want to do is jump to town.

New World Resource Map – 09:45

This map is really useful since it will show you anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know, but it will look somewhat like this when you first load it up:

If you zoom in, it’s a huge jumble that’s difficult to read. Here’s how to get rid of it: hide everything in the filters section. The majority of you will be new to the area and will have no idea where everything is on the map. The blue pages on the map that you’ve been bringing up are the small blue papers that are popping up. You’ll get anything from 50 to 70 XP for one of them.

With Windswood as your first town, for example, you may get a lot of XP merely by going to the town. When you go to town or whatever your beginning place ends up being, just looking about and locating them should be enough to bring you to a whole new level.


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Author Alice Parilla
GameNew World



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