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Quick Tips to Improve Your Genshin Impact Account

Tip #1 – Pick Two Damage-dealers And Stick With Them

The main reason why is because your main DPS is the character you’ll be investing the most into. Moreover, whatever level your supports are, your DPS or main damage-dealer should be 20 levels (or more) above that. Also, you don’t need to 90 your units. That’s overkill. Have your damage-dealer at level 80 and your supports at level 60 (minimum). Consider using Zhongli, Ganyu, Xioa, Klee, Tartaglia, Diluc, Feisch, Beidou, and Ningguang as top-class DPS’ers in Genshin Impact.

Tip #2 – Go Through All Of Your Runes

Going through all of your runes is very important. A lot of people leave their runes/artifacts unlocked. Here’s a quick summary of what artifacts are and which ones are good. First, you want to take a look at your rare ones. Your physical, pyro, anemo, geo, cryo are very important. Find every cup that you have and find all the rare ones as discussed; make sure you keep them locked down.

Which substats are good to keep? An artifact is always good to roll. The reason why? You can always take a failed artifact and dump it into another artifact and get an approximately 85% return on what you put into the first.

Note: 4-star, 2-stat artifacts are literally never worth the roll. They are obsolete, as they are 4-star, and can only go to 16 max (they can’t go to 20). They also have to roll for both their sub-stats. If your artifact has 3 or more flat stats, you can dump them immediately. Same thing for a double flat stat and a percenter. Flat HP artifacts can be real bad, so keep that in mind.

What artifacts am I looking for? The most important substats to keep an eye out for are crit rate, crit damage, energy recharge, and attack percent. They generally work on every character.

Tip #3 – Check Your Talents

While this is often considered common knowledge, there are some players that forget to check their Talents. This makes a big difference, so don’t overlook them. When using a character as a support, and you are auto-attacking with them, do not level their auto-attack. That is a waste of a point. There is a big group of the player base that doesn’t know this, so make sure you are not one of them.


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