Hitman 3 – PS 5 vs. Xbox Series X – 4K Comparison

Xbox Series X vs PS 5

IO Interactive kicks off the AAA game season in 2021 with their third, and final Hitman game – Hitman 3. It adds to the series almost like an expansion, as you can access every area from the first two games. This is a very cool feature, though new players to the series may find themselves playing areas from the previous games by accident. Just a heads up.

Next Gen Support

Improved settings, frame rates, resolutions, and loading times are all improved on the new consoles. 60 FPS (unlocked) is now standard on these new consoles by default, and it feels good man. Let’s talk about the performance on the new consoles. Note: in previous consoles, you could set different modes (i.e. lock frame rates at 30 FPS).

Xbox Series X vs Series S

The Series X gets 4k (full) 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60 frames per second. It looks incredibly sharp, they have their TAA in full effect here.

The Series S, comes in at 1080P / 60 – it is quarter rez – but it is pretty good.

Here is another example of the textures on the two consoles.

Hitman 3 – PS 5 Resolution

For the PS 5 – they are shooting for 1800 P, or 3200 x 1800 native resolution. It also has the ultra preset texture, same as the Xbox Series X.

Hitman 3 - PS 5 vs Xbox Series X

In terms of overall quality, the PS 5 and Xbox Series X use the same texture packs, and are quite similar in quality. The Xbox Series X appears to have better shadow quality.

The bottom line is the game looks excellent on all platforms. It is a very clean looking game, though it is clearly a cross gen game. Clean, precise, and stylish. The frame rate stability is excellent on all consoles. The Series S has very few drops. The glacier engine performs admirably on all consoles.

The Mendoza Level – PS 5

The Mendoza level does cause some slight drops on the PS5 – down to about 50 fps (rare instances). I don’t recommend dropping the engine for these levels, as the drops are very small. Also, the old levels play very smoothly.

On the “X”, their are few bottlenecks and slow downs. The only slow downs seen are when you scope and shoot. It is very small and you really have to be looking for it (it is between 50 and 60 FPS).


All in all the three consoles perform great. The Series X has a slight advantage over the other two, though you really have to look to see the difference. What do you think? What have been you experiences? Leave a comment below!

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