Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Tips That Matter

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of Nintendo’s greatest open worlds created in The Legend of Zelda franchise. Not only is the game great, it is also massive. This game was released in 2017, and three years later there are still many people playing the game and it’s 2 dlc’s.

There are a lot of things people didn’t know you could do in Zelda:Breath of the Wild. But for now we’re going to go over some tricks that will help you in game and bonus info that you might not know.

Zelda tips

Tip #1 – Shield surfing: To do this – hold the guard button jump and press A. Viola! Link is shield surfing. Extra tip: you can use your bow while your shield is surfing.

Tip #2 – Perfect dodge: Right before an enemy attacks in your guard – jump to the side. It will initiate perfect dodge making time slow down.

Tip #3 – Wooden Shield + Arrows: There are various ways to collect arrows. One useful way is using a wooden shield to collect arrows shot by an enemy

Tip #4 – How to activate Slow- motion Archer: To use this skill you must jump up high,
jump off your horse, or exit a glide. It is best used when there are multiple enemies
around you.

Tip #5 – Elemental Weapons affect Body Temp: If your in a cold environment change to
a fire charge weapon by doing this saves Link from the cold. Do the same in really hot
environments change your weapon

Tip #6 – Deflecting Guardians Lasers: You can deflect Guardians lasers. Wait for the lock-on to hit the last beep before parrying with the shield.

Tip #7 – In a lightning storm keep your metal weapons in your inventory. Link will take damage from lightning for wearing the metal gear.

Tip #8 – Combusting Weapons: Wooden weapons equipped in very hot environments will catch fire and break.

Tip #9 – Torches keep you warm in cold environments

Tip #10 – You can feed your horse apples to make it bond to you faster.


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