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Outriders – Best Technomancer Build


Now, the Technomancer is the class that I first chose, and honestly, I have no regrets about that decision. I can comfortably say that I will enjoy maining this class for quite some time. I’ve sunk a little over 10 hours into the Technomancer overall and have come up with a build that I find to be really overpowered, to the point where enemies can’t even touch you. Before we dig deep into this build, allow me to quickly go over the Technomancer’s abilities that are available in the demo.


  • Scrapnel – Throw a proximity device that causes “interrupt” and deals explosion damage for enemies that are caught within its blast radius.
  • Cryo Turret – Place a turret that automatically locks on to enemies, shooting freeze bullets that not only deal damage but also freezes them in place. The health of your turret depletes slowly over time and can also be shot down by enemies.
  • Pain Launcher – Place a missile launcher that will fire missiles in a directional line which will cancel enemies’ skills and deal huge amounts of damage.
  • Blighted Rounds – Fill your current weapons magazine with decay-infused bullets that inflict toxins on enemies. Enemies that are close by will also receive toxin damage, slowly draining their health. This skill will end as you reload or change over weapons.

There are more skills for the Technomancer, however, these are the skills that are available right now in the demo. Now that I’ve explained what each ability does, let me talk about this pretty insane build I’ve found.

Technomancer build

Now, any weapon can technically be used for this but I’d recommend using either an assault rifle or a light machine gun, preferably the LMG as it has more ammo. The three abilities that you want to have equipped are Cryo Turret, Pain Launcher, and Blighted Rounds. This is where the fun begins. As I explained above, Blighted Rounds cause you to inflict decay onto enemies when shooting at them which also causes the decay to drain the life of all enemies close by. Upon activating the skill, your gun will have a tone of green covered over it, and your bullets start to look green and corrupted.

If an enemy comes too close, throw down your Cryo Turret and freeze them in your path and continue to gun them down with your Blighted Rounds on your LMG. The passive for the Technomancer is that every time you shoot a single bullet into an enemy, that causes life steal to happen. Meaning that you are also regaining health upon every shot you land. And just when you think it ends there, Blighted Rounds ends as soon as you need to reload BUT every time you kill an enemy that was infected with your Blighted Rounds, it fully restores the ammo in your magazine. Also, activating the Blighted Rounds refills your magazine as well.

So, for maximum usage, throw your Cryo Turret down and create some frozen enemies. Typically, in this game and difficulty level, the more enemies you kill, the more that will spawn in your path. Gun them down with your assault rifle or your LMG, wait for your ammo to almost reach zero, and then activate your Blighted Rounds ability, which automatically refills your magazine, and then watch the chaos unfold before your eyes. Numbers are going to be
flying all over your screen as more and more enemies become inflicted with toxins. You can quite literally just hold your shoot button down at this point because as long as you kill an enemy before your ammo runs out, your magazine will refill automatically thus keeping the Blighted Rounds ability still active. This is very, very strong and I’ve actually wiped out entire areas without reloading because of this.

In most encounters that have a large number of enemies, eventually there is going to be a boss fight. Boss fights are quite bullet spongy in this game, so you’re going to need all the firepower you can get. By implementing the method that I explained above, you’ll find yourself sinking bullets into bosses much easier and defeating them much faster. If things get too hairy and you have to reload, throw down your Pain Launcher and rain hell on them while you take cover and reload. I have personally found it so easy to melt bosses down with this method, and I highly recommend you give this a try too even if you’re not maining the Technomancer. It’s insanely fun and quite satisfying to see all these damage numbers appear and knowing that it’s all because of you!


It goes without saying at this point that I am really liking the Technomancer, and I really cannot wait for the full game to release get the chance to dig deeper into some more insane builds. Like I said at the start, having tried all four classes, the Technomancer is the one that suits me best. I love the idea of freezing enemies with both my melee attacks and my turret, inflicting toxin damage and having that spread all over my enemies causing them to slowly melt down.

I also really love the fact that with any class in this game, you can provide any type of role when playing with your friends. Whether it’s defensive, supportive, damage output, or one-and-done attacks, you can do that for every class in this game. Some can perform better than others, but that comes down to how well you can utilize the class abilities in any given situation. Overall, I think the skill set for the Technomancer is really well-balanced. I love how well they have put together this class, and I love going into Outriders, playing the Technomancer, and feeling like an absolute god whilst doing it.

Guys, I really hope you try out my build recommendation. Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Until next time!


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