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How to Catch Spiritomb – Pokemon BDSP

Spiritomb, unlike other Pokemon, must have specific conditions met in order to appear for you to battle and potentially catch, and today we’re going to take a look at how to meet those conditions and add the Ghost and Dark type Pokemon to your team.

During your adventure, you will come across a trainer specifically required to enable the capture of Spiritomb. They will appear on Route 208, near the bottom of your screen, and the trainer will be almost entirely hidden in the surrounding treeline. Speaking with this trainer will net the player the “Odd Keystone” item.

Hallowed Tower in beyond Route 208, the place to insert your keystone and battle Spiritomb!

Following along the route, the player will enter Route 209 and eventually come across a well that seems quite out of place in the landscape. This place is referred to as the “Hallowed Tower”, and interacting with the plinth will allow the player to slot the Keystone item inside of this stone structure. With that done, we’re another step closing to making Spiritomb appear.

Next is the part that is going to consume most of the player’s time and what makes obtaining Spiritomb somewhat of a grind: the player will have to enter “The Grand Underground“. Once in the Underground, the player will need to interact or talk with 32 different trainers – hikers selling items to the player do not count towards the total.

Normal Sprite
Spiritomb – The Forbidden Pokemon

If you ever lose track of how many you’ve already done, you can return to the Hallowed Tower, interact with the plinth, and it’ll return an answer depending on how many trainers you’ve interacted with:

  • 0-7: “It appears to have been built many years ago.”
  • 8-14: “Its stones appear to have shifted…”
  • 15-21: “…Is that crying coming from inside the towers?”
  • 22-28: “Is the shower shaking ever so slightly?”
  • 29-31: “There is some sort of presence… It appears ready to emerge!”

Once you reach that almighty 32 trainer interactions, you can once again interact with the Hallowed Tower to make Spiritomb emerge for battle. If you fail to capture it, don’t stress! You can just interact with 32 more trainers to start the process all over again for another chance to battle and capture Spiritomb! (Yay?)

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