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Outriders – How to Farm Legendary Weapons Easy

What are legendary weapons?

So, with the release of the Outriders demo, comes a lot of hours spent in the game and a lot of things have been discovered. And one of those discoveries is how to quickly get your hands on some of the best weapons in the game, also known as legendary weapons.

Legendary weapons are the highest tier weapons and because of this, their drop rate is extremely low and the only way to increase your drop rate chance is to increase the difficulty of your world level. The demo only gives you access to a difficulty of level 5 which is a 25% drop rate chance. Level 4 is 10%, and anything below that is zero. When the full game comes out, the world difficulty can be increased to a maximum of level 15, which increases the drop rate to 300%. The fact that the drop rate can increase to 300% tells us that both 10% and 25% are actually really low numbers.

We don’t know as of yet how many legendary weapons are in the game, including armor. But I am very eager to get my hands on every single one of them in the most efficient way possible, and I have found exactly how to do that. So, if you have some time to spare and you want to get your hands on these delicious-looking legendary weapons, then stick with me as I show you exactly how to do this.

How to farm legendary weapons

When you load into the main menu, after selecting your character, you’ll see that on the left-hand side you will have the option to select specific story points. I highly recommend you complete the demo to unlock all of them as there really isn’t much and this will give you access to every location should something else pop up in the future. The story point we want to focus on right now though is “Confront the Altered at the Tower”. Select that as your story point and then hit “continue game”.

As soon as you’ve loaded in, you’ll find yourself standing in front of a doorway that you have to walk through. Just to quickly explain what we’re doing here, legendary weapons have a chance of dropping from chests that find in the world. The “Confront the Altered at the Tower” story point has three chests that you can open, all of which are relatively close to each other and there will be no enemies in your way to stop you.

Continue through the door and follow the path, walk up the first few steps and then take the next right. You’ll find a hidden little corner area that has your first chest. This is also the same chest that I got one of my legendary weapons from too! Open the chest and make your way back to the door you just walked through. When you’re outside, you have two pathways: left going down the hill, or right which leads you a little higher up the hill. The second chest is just located on the right as you go higher, so proceed that way.

After looting your second chest, you can then take the left turning and head down the hill, keeping to your right as this pathway will split into two sections. As long as you stick right and continue to follow the turning around, you’ll come to a dead-end that has the third chest for you to loot. Of course, you’re not guaranteed a legendary weapon straight away, so don’t be too disheartened if you didn’t get one to drop this time.

Once all three chests have been looted, return to the lobby screen and select the same story point, “Confront the Altered at the Tower”, and repeat the process. The reason why you want to re-select the story point is that it will refresh the chests, making them lootable each and every time. I’ve tried this myself and it does work, however, keep in mind that doing this on a tier 5 world will only give you a 25% drop rate so, depending on how good your RNG is, you could be here a while. Trust me, I know from experience.

Now, there are more ways to farm legendaries, however, all the other ways so far have boss encounters and enemies to take down. This method seems to be the quickest, least painful, and most efficient way so far to get legendary weapons to drop. Like I said earlier, I’ve done this myself and can confirm that it does work. Make sure that your world level is tier 5 to maximize your drop rate efficiency and good luck!


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