The Cycle – Closed Alpha

Great news everyone! The Cycle, a game that is special to my heart and was previously released on Epic Games, is releasing on Steam now! They are revamping the entire game as well which should make the game completely new in both look and feel. Something akin to the “shoot-n-loot” style of Vigor.

The Cycle will change the crafting system as well as the consequences in the game which is great, because I didn’t really care much for the respawn back in the game. If you die on the planet now, you lose all your guns. You’ll also need to get better attachments and mods for the weapons. You’ll need to get some crafting materials if you want to make those upgrades.

Another area that looks to be getting a nice upgrade is paint, or custom paints, to be specific. It appears they already have custom paints in the game however as you can see in the video, they’ve got a pie chart that outlines everything from your consumables to your ammo for weapons. Also, you’ll earn crypto marks when you survive and get off the planets. You’ll also (should) be able to transfer points between Steam and Epic, a nice perk for more experienced players.

Overall, this game has a lot going for it, even in the revamped Alpha stage, and I can’t to see you guys in game!

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