Outerverse Review

Hello MGN my name is DTM Panda and I am reviewing the open world survival game called “Outerverse”, yes this is another open world survival game I am reviewing. You can tell that I specialize in these types of games as I like to play them on a regular basis. 

Outerverse is a quest-driven game, crafting and creating automated machines and manufacturing weapons as you travel across the universe, beat massive bosses and explore unique landmarks to advance your technology while experiencing cosmic events. 

This game uses the voxel design which is heavily inspired by the popular indie game called “Minecraft” that sold more than 238 million copies worldwide.

If you don’t know much about what a voxel game is then here is a quick summary what a the term “Voxel” means:

A Voxel is a unit of graphic information that defines a point in three dimensional space. Since a pixel defines a point in two dimensional space with its X and Y coordinates, a third Z coordinate is needed in a 3-D space, each of the coordinates is defined in terms of its position, colour and density.



The Story of the game is not a story, according to the developer “Tbjbu2”

This game has a lot of potential for lore involved since the time I been playing the game, I have seen different variety of monsters and animals as well as specific demons, titans and exploration of pre-existing structures with an sort of abandonment involved but the developer has said it would be cool to see lore in the game they have made but it’s out of their scope for the game.


The gameplay is minecraft related to a certain degree but I am gonna be using the minecraft logic while I explain the GUI and menus of this game and core mechanics.

When you start the game for the first time you are in a world where you either spawn underwater or on land but you’re immediately surrounded by different types of voxel blocks. 

In order to start your adventure you must gather the tools you require to do that feat such as chop oak logs with your bare hands just like in minecraft then craft using your inventory (E key by default) to select Oak Planks to turn 1 Oak Log into 4 Oak Planks to craft all the other tools and items. 

You need to complete quests to progress further in the game.

The more you craft key items, the more new items/ blocks will appear.

So far the gameplay is very buggy, playable but if you like early accessed games that need tons of polishing up then buy this game and explore and help the developer fix all the tiny issues with it.

In the game you will see many things to help you survive the game, in the bottom left hand corner are two circles with different colours, 1 is green which is your health bar, if this goes to zero, then you will die and respawn at your original spawn point. Then there’s the orange one which is your hunger bar. 

If this goes to zero then it means you are hungry and will need to eat if you ever want to recover your health. The more health you lose the more hunger it will take to replenish that health bar.

You can eat many things, to do this, so far I only played for 3 hours of the game and I haven’t even started to get into the good stuff, I’m still struggling to create an base to work with and survive with a lot of food, the level I am at is I am able to craft carrot soup which will give me 3% of hunger which is not much so you will need more than 1 soup to that hunger bar.

Then you have your hotbar which is where you use your tools or block in order to play the game, think of it exactly how you would play minecraft but using outerverse logic. 


The visuals for the game looks amazing despite being an copy of the popular indie game “Minecraft” but it does have a lot of bugs such as pre-generating terrain, every now and then when going very far out, I notice a lot of visual bugs such as terrain not generating properly when in radius of that area. 

There also sometimes when digging blocks without moving you tend to glitch on the block you’re standing on so you fall into it and see all the caves and stuff you’re not supposed to see in the game.

The quality in the water looks nice on the surface but you will find out later that the water block does not flow and it has no gravity,  in fact all blocks in this game has no gravity making it the alpha version on minecraft where gravel, sand and water and lava do not flow or drop from their original position.

 Sound and Audio

The sound effects for the game is alright, easy to listen to on the ears and most of time you will not notice it, however the music in the game sounds impressive and the developer has good taste on what music for this type of game should have but with that saying that does not mean I like it as their were many times I thought I heard a monster nearby but turns out it was the music of the game scaring the crap out of me. 


Overall the game is amazing and fun to play but everyone is different, this game aim is for single player but I think it be quite more profitable if it was co-op or multiplayer then more people will play it instead of being a singleplayer game as not everyone likes a singleplayer game that looks and plays like “Minecraft” maybe it be copyright infringement if this game looks and feels like “Minecraft” but I think it be a huge risk great reward type of scenario.

Despite what I think, this game is a hidden gem that needs tons of polishing up to the gameplay, to the visuals and menus such as the settings all being on the same screen which make it cluttered and messy to know what you’re looking for.

But despite that, this game is worth taking a look at if you enjoy sandbox open world survival with a bit of crafting and building with the exploration element involved.

I know I will be playing this game until I complete it or design my wacky and crazy structures. There is a bright future for this game and could potentially be “Minecraft 2” if the design choices are correct.

I will provide an update review if this game meets my requirements for it in the future so look out for that. 

Thank you for spending your time looking at my review and I really do recommend anyone to check out this game.

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