Keybindings guide in Cyberpunk 2077

Are you looking to change the keybindings in Cyberpunk 2077?

Software method: Using software like iCue or XPADDER to remap functions is far easier than this process but I will provide both.

iCue, Razer – Open the Keyboard of your utility and in the actions pane you should have a map a key to another.

xpadder – Requires more work and profile building but will allow edits to controllers too.

Config Edit Method: Be Careful and take it slow:

-> Change Windows View pane to ‘Show Hidden Files’

-> Go C:\Users\YOU\Appdata\CDPR\CP77\Usersettings.json and edit these for arrow key usage.

“name”: “forward”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Up”,
“default_value”: “IK_W”
“name”: “back”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Down”,
“default_value”: “IK_S”
“name”: “left”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Left”,
“default_value”: “IK_A”
“name”: “right”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Right”,
“default_value”: “IK_D”

F key rebind
Config Edit Method:

Cyberpunk 2077 > r6 > config

Open “inputUserMappings.xml” using notepad++

Ctrl+F > replace

Use Replace every instance of “IK_F” (WITH QUOTES!!) to “IK_G”(or whatever you want your “use” key to be)

Save and launch


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