Othercide – How to Unlock the Scythedancer Class

Othercide is a strategy/rogue-lite hybrid developed by the Lightbulb Crew, where the players take control of a squad of Daughters to fight back the plague of monsters and a wave of oppressive darkness. Every decision is made crucial by Othercide’s automatic saving and lack of a “do-over” ability. You will be punished for making the wrong call.

As such, the choice of which Daughters to bring to each fight is an important one. There are three starting classes to pick from and each can be leveled up in different avenues to make each Daughter a tool for a specific situation. The three starting classes are:

  1. Blademaster – Specializes in getting in the enemies face, and taking chunks of HP with high-damage skills.
  2. Shieldbearer – Specializes in protecting her fellow Daughters, and can manipulate the foes location.
  3. Soulslinger – Specializes in utility. She can protect her allies, interrupt foes, and deal damage.

There is also a fourth hidden class, that specializes in stripping away the armor of foes so that she and her fellow Daughters can follow up with heavily increased damage. This fourth class is referred to as the Scythedancer.

And yes, the class is just as cool as the name might suggest. The Daughter wields a gigantic scythe and uses it to reap foes and create havoc. But how does the player unlock this fourth hidden class?

Unlocking Scythedancer:

ArtStation - OTHERCIDE - Scythedancer, Antoine Dupuis

The player will first need to reach the Third Era of the game, called the Broken Beauty Era. The boss fight in this portion of the game is called “The Maid”. Players will need to reach this boss fight in order to unlock The Scythedancer.

Once the Maid has been engaged, and her HP begins to drop, there will be a short scene wherein the player gains their first Scythedancer. With the fight complete, the outcome is irrelevant and the class will be unlocked regardless of your success or failure and the player will be able to germinate Scythedancers at will.

With this complete, the class is also unlocked for all future runs. Meaning that if you reach the end of your current play-though, you do not need to unlock the Scythedancer again for each subsequent run. You’ll be able to tear apart the armor of foes and reap your way through the dark army from the very beginning.


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