There is nothing scarier to the enemy NPC characters in Genshin Impact than Beidou’s Counter Attack. Beidou is an insanely good SOLO DPS character in Genshin Impact, she uses a sword and has the strongest line up of damage when it comes to Genshin characters. She’s a beer chugging captain of her crew of loyal seamen and her ship The Crux.

Beido guide

The biggest misconception about Beidou is her Elemental Skill, it is essentially a Counter Attack, however people don’t understand the benefits it has. What the counter does is, make you block two hits after which she releases a huge slash that does a TON of damage. Because of this E, people think that she isn’t too strong, lets prove them wrong!



beidou dps guide

Attributes are a key factor when it comes to every single character in Genshin Impact. Beido at a maximum level of 80, can have a huge amount of HP, while she doesn’t have the highest amount of damage, her Elemental Mastery, Defense and Maximum Stamina make up for it by a HUGE margin. She has a total of 17,965 HP, making her a proper tank character from the get go and her 1,299 ATK damage is also great in combination!


Now when it comes to Beidou’s weapons, you have choice. If you’re in early game, and you’ll only think of early game Beidou then you can just get Blackcliff Slasher and be set for a huge amount of damage for a long while, it comes with massive amounts of CRIT damage so it makes for a great choice.

However, if you did have the battle pass, then you are really in luck because Serpent’s Spine is an amazing weapon for Beidou. Especially the passive bonuses, they work so well with Beidou’s overall damage mitigation abilities creating for a solid DPS character that can hold her own in any given situation in any fight. This weapon can also be raised up to level 80, it looks SICK and has total of 492 damage and 25.1% CRIT rate when it reaches level 80.


Now for the artifacts, these are VERY straight forward and you just have to collect them and equip them.

Running a 2 piece of Thundering Fury is very important, it increases your Electro Damage by a Bonus 15%. These aren’t the most overly details statistics, but they drastically increase the total amount of Electro energy that Beidou uses, plus provides a lot more damage that she can do with her talents.

You run the 2 Piece Thundering Fury with a 2 Piece of Gladiator’s Finale. Gladiator’s Finale just increases all ATK damage by 18%, which means a much higher increase in overall damage no matter what. You can also use a 4 Piece Gladiator’s Finale on Beidou, but you would be severely missing out on that extra damage that you could do from your Talents. So keeping the Thundering Fury should honestly always be the choice over the full Physical Build.

If this insanely well-made build for Beidou wasn’t enough to convince you, then I suggest you give her a shot anyways. She is one of the highest Main DPS characters in the game and truly deserves a spot in every single team composition!


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