Super Buckyball Tournament – Game Review

Super Buckyball Tournament is an action multiplayer sports game from the developers over at Pathea Games. Welcome to the not-so-distance cyberpunk future where speed, strategy, and intensity have been smashed together to create a new sport where chaos and fun clash together.


Super Buckyball is a new take on the soccer/football spin that we have seen from games like Rocket League. A 3v3 4-minute match-up with a selection of seven characters split into three different ranges: Forward, Balance, and Defenders. Each having their own unique abilities and specials to enhance the game.

Take Pai, the head starter of the game. Pai, who is a Forward, has a jolt ability that allows him to dash forward just like Tracer from Overwatch, and a special ability that magnetically pulls the ball to him and kicks a curveball into the goal automatically.

Then there is the defender, Gridiron, who has a shield to keep the goal safe and a special ability that creates a gravity well at his shield dragging everything including nearby players, then exploding and sending everything flying.

Each are fun in there own ways, but I don’t think there is much strategy when it comes to what character you should select. None seem to counter another, it’s just whoever you like to play as, and you’re not locked out of a character if another one of your teammates chooses that character.

You’re also able to use a variety of items to help you or hinder your opponents. Items like protective shields, ice walls, making the ball heavy, and many more that can change the direction of the game and give you time to strategize what to do next.

It’s a pretty well-balanced game that requires teamwork, and if teams are quite evenly matched, it becomes extremely fun and challenging trying to outmaneuver and outwit your opponents. There are only a few negatives or flaws to this game so far.

One being that there are few maps with very minimal differences. Hopefully, more maps and added diversity to the backgrounds come out in the near future to keep the game fresh. Not a negative, but would love to see what new characters they can create as well.

Right now, the game is in pre-season so you can jump in and get acquainted with the game before it kicks off.


I don’t know what the season entails or what the prize might be, but it seems like a great game for your competitive team-based players. Hopefully, this will soon be another great game that people will stream and see great teams emerge from, but that could just be wishful thinking. Only time will tell.

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