XIAO BEST BUILD + Best Team Comps – COMPLETE GUIDE – Patch 1.3

Xiao – In depth guide (for a free to play player or light spender)

The main components for a good team for Xiao in Genshin Impact revolve around a support – that serves as a battery and also gives the party anima resonance and (possibly) crowd control. You’ll also want another support or sub DPS role, and finally a healer.


This is another use of the same element that can provide extra elemental particles for his ultimate. The best two are Sucrose and Venti, as they also allow for high rates of crowd control with Xiao. They basically help group enemies together so Xiao can do Xiao things.

For new players, anemo elementral resonance does a few things for your team – 1). It decreases your stamina consumption by 15%. Things like sprinting and dashing and charge attacks are made more accessible. It also increases Xiao’s and the parties movement speed by 10% which is great for Xiao – especially if he needs to re-arrange after a dash or plunge.

Lastly, it will shorten his, and the parties, elemental skill cooldown by 5%. This basically cuts down his skill cooldown by half a second. It will help him generate charge particles sooner and churn out more damage. All that said, resonance is not the main thing you should be building your team around.

Sub DPS / Support System

This guide mainly covers four star supports. The first characters worth mention are Xingqiu and Beidou – these are crazy good 4 star supports – especially when they have the four piece noblesse set. As this can work on any support but will boost your damage dealers output. The main drawback for Xingqiu is that Xioa’s plunge attacks will NOT proc Xingqiu’s ultimate. Note: Damage reduction and healing capabilities are provided by Xingqiu.

Fischl and Xiangling are also strong options, as well as a couple of others, although the previous two are the top teir for four star supports.


The third thing you need for a team is a healer. The main healers discussed in this video are Noelle, Bennett, and Barbara – though Noelle is an option as well. First up is Bennett.

Bennett can serve as both a support role and a healer role at the same time. He’s useful because of his attack percentage boost form his ultimate. The main con for Bennett is he only heals you up to 70% HP. This can potentially post some big problems for Xiao. Build Bennett with high energy recharge.

Barbara has served as a great F2P option. She costs little to build and her healing abilities are good, and it is easy to get artifacts for her. Also, the three star catalyst the “Thrilling Tales of the Dragon Slayers” is completely broken – because the sub-stat for the book is “HP percentage”. This is great for healing, and easy to get at level 5. It also provides a 48% attack boost.


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