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Genshin Impact – 3 Dragonspine Seelie Puzzles and Solutions

In this guide, we show you how to solve the three Dragonspine Seelie puzzles in patch 1.2 of Genshin Impact. Note that two of the three puzzles are time-based and one of them is a story mission. The guide will not show any spoilers.

3 dragonspine puzzle

At this location, you will find a pool of water with two Seelies on each side. Activate one of them, then head to the other side. Activate the second Seelie when they almost meet. The proper timings are in the video.

For the second part, you are going to see three Seelies next to each other. Just walk, do not run, up to each one and activate them. Once you have activated all the pillars, you’ll need to take out the Ruin guard next to snag three dragon chests. They have soft spots on their shins and their head.

The second puzzle is part of the story, but this guide will only show the puzzle, so no spoilers. The story will take you south of Starglow Cavern.

To do the time-based puzzle, you need to start with the Seelie on the wall. Go down and activate the one on the ground, and get to it.

The third and final puzzle is a little south of Wyrmrest Valley. To solve this puzzle, you’ll need to bring a cryo user. You then need to activate the five pillars in the proper order. Once the five are activated, you will not want to loot the chest. Instead, opt to change your party members for the fight that’s coming your way.

If you instead decide to open the chest, you’ll enter into combat and be unable to swap out your party members. Two Ruin Guards will pop up that you will need to beat. Administer the beating.

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